I'm not a fan of;

I’m not a fan of;

  1. Topics/messages that flame individual people, developers, or thoughts.

  2. Bashing a game or its developers for mistakes made.

  3. Saying the sky is falling, the game is dieing, or anything of the sort in relation to balances/issues in the game.

With that said, I really hope the communication between the player base and it’s developers can be improved, I feel like there is a massive disconnection here that needs to be addressed. We can all be civil and all respect the hard work they are putting in. They may believe what they are doing is the best for the game/community, and that is where there is a disconnect.

Also, all of their hard work fixing bugs, exploits, etc has been commendable. They are working very hard and it’s clearly notable. This is not a game that has been in development for 10+ years. They deserve the chance to work things out.

I just hope we can bridge that communication barrier sooner than later.

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Im not a fan of developers saying …

when its a total lie

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When they only have the PTR up for a week, you know it was all a hype-server for the void gauntlet and nothing more.

I know! That is like one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen a representative of a company admit to. I’m sorry, but that’s not how you run a gaming company where you expect people to keep playing.

(Also, just an aside to the OP…I do agree that the people doing the hands on work on this game are doing thankless jobs, and I know they’re working hard, and I actually feel bad for them. I’m totally on the side of blaming the decision makers for this shit show, and not the actual people doing the work. It’s the decision makers who are incompetent fools and unfortunately the people working on the game have to bear the brunt of these shit show decisions.)

I do Agree with this. This is not the programmers fault. this is a Executive or Team leader/head developer making a mess of this game. The Devs and underlings are just doing what they are told. whoever is running this at the executive level is looking at a spread sheet and has no clue WTF they are doing trying to build a MMO game/community for longevity.

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Snowflakedness and the position that only opinions that align with the speaker are valid.

AGS launch and handling of the myriad of issues that cripple this game

People intolerant of other cultures, and the Dutch!

The lack of salt

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