I'm quitting my favorite MMO game, bye New world

I have played almost every MMORPG that has come out since 2007, none of them held me as much as the New world. I am writing this in the hope that the developers will improve certain things in the game and thus make it more playable.

New world promises an open world PVP, which does not deliver until reaching level 60. Only at level 60 you can enjoy all the PVP features. During all lower levels PVP activity is almost non-existent. (Probably due to the servers having like 700 people)

Some MMOs try to patch up the lack of PVP with zones like “Ranked Arenas” or PVP-only zones like Cyrodiil in ESO. However, the real fun is the open world PVP. Being farming or traveling and getting attacked by one or more players and still having the ability to run or kill them all, that’s the real challenge.

Today with 1 character lvl 60 and other level 45 I’m quitting NEW WORLD due to the lack of open world PVP. The vast majority of players with level < 60 flagged are almost none. I spend two hours looking for flagged players and only find three. If I wanted to play a PVE game I would go to any other MMORPG out there. I was hoping New World would be different, it was for a while, but now so many people have left because they rush to level 60 and then get bored. Now you hardly ever find anyone flagged anymore. 50v50 is fun for like a month, then it gets boring

Maybe I’ll come back when the game gets crowded or when the faction rules change and now you can attack any other faction without the necessity to be flagged.

Or at least add a “PK” system where one can decide to attack any other player flagged or not. If players start crying because high levels goes for them, just put a restriction that you can only be attacked by players with a difference of 15 levels. At lvl 30 I have been able to beat level 50 players so with that rule it would be enough.

We don’t need new weapons, we don’t need new mobs, we need more PvP action from level 10+ and make it challenging to keep leveling up due to PVP challenges.

If you can desactivate the PVP then it stops being a PVP game and becomes a Zelda, a Genshin Impact, a farmer simulator. That’s why players leave, because they get bored, because it’s easy to walk around with pvp off and go from LVL 1 to 60 in two weeks. Then you enjoy the end game for another month and it becomes monotonous, boring.

Killing mobs, farming, grinding makes the game monotonous, the only thing that makes the game different in each session is PVP. Because each player is a world, each player has different skills, different equipment, that makes going out into the open world entertaining because of the risk of being attacked by something with a good skill other than a Mob that you know you can kill without problems. Use the players like the real MOBS, make the game great.

Hope you can noticed that, because the game is dying and I almost sure is because of that.



This just sounds awful, if we lose the option to opt out of pvp I would quit and I’m sure other people share that feeling. I’m a player who generally plays with pvp on, but there are a few times I turn it off because its either that or logging off, either because I am tired or other people are only being annoying.

However I would love to see deadman servers (from OSRS) with higher xp rates and drop rates (yield and luck I suppose would be good enough) with high risk deaths and high reward kills. With permanent pvp on, outside of sanctuaries ofc.

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Don’t let the door hit you bum on the way out I’m in similar boat plus I wish they would give us a transfer token !

I came for the open world pvp, but I hate being forced into pve grinds just to afford some open world pvp. So instead I have played this game just exploring, toddling about, always unflagged, no real focus, simply for it’s beautiful environment. I won’t pvp until they stop punishing us with mind numbing pve grinds just so I can gear up and repair.

I am used to playing a high risk style in pvp, I have never cared for dying, it’s part of it for me, you win some you lose some, but in New World, losing means I have to somehow try get gold made just so I can pay for my playstyle, and if I ‘kill’ someone, I know they have to do the same, which sucks all the fun out of it for me, so yeah, won’t find me flagging anymore. I did to start, but I am neither a masochist nor a sadist, I don’t pvp to suffer, nor to harm another, I just enjoy the fun challenge of pvp, but with the repair costs, I harm people’s time and enjoyment, same as I harm myself.

Yes, I think the best solution is separate servers, several like the ones there are now and only one dedicated pvp server. Since there are competitive players and others who play just to have fun and relax (the majority). That would explain why PVE styles dominate in mmorpg.

The division of servers worked for world of warcraft.

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This is solved by lowering the costs of repair.

I never took off the pvp flag unless I wanted to enter a dungeon and I was alone. I always walk flaggd until I uninstalled the game at level 45 due to there being no more PVP challenge. Since level 10 I soon learned to determine if a battle would be won or not with the first hit I dealt to the opponent, if the damage was reduced, it meant that he had much better equipment than mine and just ran away. The times I died with pvp activated from level 10 was 15%.

Level 60s used to ignore me and I was almost always able to escape from battles when they got tough. 5 vs 1, 3 vs 1, etc.

I think that the most convenient are 2 types of servers, one PVE with optional PVP and another one oriented to full PVP. Where since you join the faction you are always flagged with no option to remove it. Without full loot obviously but with better rewards.

Restitution is in order for all tax paid thus far.

Tax revenue creates inequality a drastic wealth gap slowing the economy.

Furthermore devaluates coin which in turn discredits time played.


Another one ? Mate if we were family I would still not read that , and you expect strangers to care about you ?
You should thank ags for having people employed to read this …stuff. instead of complaining.

@crimsonwtf I don’t care if you read this or not, you are insignificant to me, my comments are for the devs. This was an amazing game with an amazing combat system a combat system that are usless since you can’t use it agains players because there are none flagged. a Shame

Sorry to say but many players, even those that love PVP, are not that into open world. If they were more MMOs would implement it. You guys are a niche crowd. Why not go and support those games that allow for it? Null-Sec space in EVE Online is all about full-loot pvp. Ironically I have known several players that lost everything there and ended up quitting too! And its clearly understood that this is a consequence! Go figure.

couldnt agree more game is dying fast and just w8 and see when lost ark is released this will be the tombstone

I am a fan of Korean games, but knowing Amazon is involved… with the current reputation of Amazon, and the issues happening with New World. They could not pay me to play Lost Ark.

Just have people being PvP flagged when entering enemy faction territories (needs some rebuilding as each faction should have at least 1 territory to always keep then)

We need to enforce faction PvP a bit more or at least give some more to do 24/7 like outposts and farms to conquer

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