I'm really hoping for 'strong' patch notes this time

The game needs a lot of work, undeniable at this point. The few patches that we’ve received just haven’t hit the mark yet. Some ‘fixes’ didn’t actually fix the problem they were inteded for and some changes were a bit baffling considering the breadth of ‘other’ bugs that could have done with the attention.

Outpost Rush still DOA, server transfers still DOA. I appreciate that these kinds of things can take time and I think most people would be willing to wait it out IF we had some more communication. Yes, I would be ok if someone from the Dev team would communicate to me that Outpost Rush is still being worked on, daily, or every second day. As of right now, we’re all in the dark.

So wrapping up, I really want to see a STRONG set of patch notes and some clear and detailed communication on when we can expect Outpost Rush to be functioning and when Server Transfers are back online.

Let’s just call it a Roadmap. We need to see a roadmap of the plans for this game that take us beyond the first month or two. Please AGS!

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