Im sorry but this is not ok

Im sorry but this is not ok at all:

Giving copy/pasta anwer and closing the thread ? @Zorojuro did you even read what people said in the post ? You are suppose to be customer service aka in service of the customer.

We are customers, a all company of it and you just say to us all: Don’t care, didn’t read ?
What kind of unprofessionnal attitude is this ?
There is a problem in your banning process and your banning appeal process and I expect you to inform the higher ups of it. As a customer of your service.
If you could go above and beyond and keep us inform on the progress as well that would be nice but I guess i’m not holding my breath.

A disapointed customer, of the game (that I was going to let slide based on its early age) and now of the “customer service”.


They close anything that makes Amazon look bad at this point.

They don’t want the forum cluttered with proof they are banning legit players and allowing botters and cheaters to continue. That seems to be the common theme, lock all the threads on those subjects so people don’t see that nothing is done.


Yea, closing threads about mass people getting mistakenly banned is not a good look and does not help maintain the trust between the community and forum managers.




Please do not use the forums to appeal bans on other player accounts. We cannot disclose to you the details of violations on someone else’s account.