I'm still getting kicked mid-que

Been in que 3 hours, and just got kicked. New wait time is another 6 hours. I’m getting REALY upset.

Same here. I was in queue for around 2 1/2 hrs or so and got the crash error and the game closed. I started in 545 or so and then when I had to re-queue it was over 700. In queue now for about 2 hrs and at 247. Likely won’t get to play as it will probably be another 3 hours. I just laugh though that they only have a 2k cap for players when no other mmo has that low of a cap. 6 days now and not even considering increasing it yet when WoW had a queue issue on the WoD launch, they upped the capacity and most servers got resolved within 24 hours or so.

The issue with increasing the cap is that the world is too small to support more than that. Resources are already scarce.

Did you guys read the announcment that New World did this weekend?
The trick is also going around on the internet.

Press the X or ‘OK’ or enter when you get kicked out of queue with a error.
In a lot of the most cases it will bring you back in the queue at your position.
But you need to wait some minutes and don’t press the play button.

Try that.
A lot of people (including me two times) just click ‘play’ again.

[#NWSTATUS UPDATE] @mm_loginservices_TooManyRequestsException If you experience the above error when in queue, just click OK, then after a few minutes you should get back in queue at the old position. Find workarounds for known issues in the link.

Not really. It can definitely handle more than 2k. I am not talking 8k-10k but even 4k would be fine.

You can’t really do that when you get the game crash error because it completely closes the game. You get a system warning and then the game is already closed out.

Ah oke, never heard of that before.
Only the ‘usual’ queue error’s.
Never had that problem myself only the normal error’s.

Yeah. I know the error you are talking about but the ones I keep getting are the system errors saying the game crashed and it complete closes out. It sucks especially when you have been waiting in queue for hours only to get back into the queue that is even bigger.

Same thing happens to me, except I don’t even get the any crash error. The game simply just closes down.

It’s not that easy.
They tested it last days on USA and AUS server, get it up to 2250 or 2500.
People starting complaining about lag, FPS drops…

Next to that, the game is not build to hold 4000 people on a server.

There are 20-30 people at Overseer Zane trying to kill him and only one gets the credit for the kill

I was harvesting mote’s today, 10-15 people running in that field. Same with fiber near Windsward.
People are even ‘camping’ to harvest motes, waiting there till they respawn at the plant.

4000 people would ruin the game.
next to that a lot of people play on ‘high’ or ‘very high’ and have 50-60 fps, and inside crowded towns 35-45 fps.
Fps drops and increased lags…

Happened it only one or more times?
Only try to start completely uninstall the game, reboot the PC and install it again, shut of and on again. Maybe that works?

Not sure if it’s someone’s PC then or the game it self.

Since launchday I read a lot about the error’s (also experienced that myself) but this I didn’t hear before.

But the game has definetly some issues

That is poor development then if people are getting that bad of lag with only 2500 people. When WoW launches a new expansion there are a lot more than that in 1 zone per server.

I think it has more to do with the fact that not everybody is as close to the server or has a good internet connection, some people have older computer’s.
With a good computer and internet connection I think it won’t be such a big problem. I guess most of the lag and FPS drop part is not server side.
But there are 1 million + players already and they need to keep everybody happy ofcourse.

Happened once tonight so far as I got to 200 in queue. A few times the other day as well, tried uninstalling/installing, rebooting and still randomly happens. Ironically, the only times I’ve crashed is while sitting in queue so far lol

If in the future they add 2-3 territory’s.
They should be able to increase the players with 1-2 k I guess?
If there are enough recourses.
At that time the ‘older’ players already moved to the more high leveled 26-35 or higher territory’s.

Only bad for people with a bad internet connection or older PC maybe if ping increases and FPS decreases.

That’s weird.
If the game just shuts down without an error or something.
Wouldn’t know.
But you can always put the graphic settings and everything very low in the menu and then go in queue? and then in game put it on high again.
Just a wild guess, but maybe it helps, cant do nothing wrong.
I notice and read that a lot of PC’s uses a lot of capacity in queue.
Videocard’s running high, CPU’s

yeah, i did. waited an hour, nothing. I tried again today and waited like 10 mins and got nothing and restarted…idk. i’m losing interest sadly. :frowning:

Damn, I also try’d it one time, the last time I had it and didn’t work for me also. 2.5 hours waisted…
I hope the queue time’s quickly go away that would at least solve the error problems.

tbh can’t that be fixed by simply allowing credit if you do a certain % of damage? And allow major quest-related loot drops be per character, not per mob drop? (like everyone gets the drop)

Could also solve lack of resources by allowing a grace period with nodes, maybe 10 seconds. Within 10 seconds of the first person touching it, you can mine it too.

I must say sometimes it annoys me when I do need a quest like ‘kill the 4 ancient’s at…’.
And there is another player or multiple players and I do 50% of the damage or also I hit it, that I don’t get credit for it. Really annoys me when it’s busy at a place like that. But I think they tought about that, must be a reason for it. Like if a level 60 kill’s some kind of PVE boss but his level 8 friend also hit’s a few times and get the credit and maybe some special item.
That item is not very special anymore to a lot of people then if they say level 8’s running around with it. I don’t know.

But with the boss Overseer Zane were 20 people waiting for him to spawn and kill him. You can be doing that for a hour before you get the credit.

The resources is just the amount of it in the game, you know there is an area FULL of hemp. You come there and see nothing because 10 people running around ‘hunting’ for it.
Some people suggests faster spawn rates but people are then just going to stand there for 30 min. and have a full bag. Just like back in the days in Runescape.

I like the way they put all those recources in the game, you need to track them, find them. Its not everywhere, there are no real ‘mining spots’ where you just wait and every 30-60 seconds grab it again.
I like it really much at the game. Maybe it’s sometimes a little bit busy’er at hotspots because everyone just starts and wants to level up quick and they all need the same stuff.
Later in the game when there is a 2000 player server, maybe 1000 are level 30-60. They are not going to harvest hemp for 30 minutes I guess because they want to level up something to level 50 in a day. It’s also not really really a big issue or really bad now. It’s okay.

But the quests like ‘killing overseer zane’ are almost impossible… I think that’s really bad at the moment.
When I arrive I always say ‘we need a group for this’ and start to invite people. So everybody in the group gets the credit. And with 4-5 people you always get the credit if the other 10-15 players there are just solo.
But like 4000 players on a server would be crazy I think.