I'm tired of playing wars against no one

My clan and I spend more than two or four hours making influence in a territory, and start a war because we like the content of the war, and when we go to the war we find that no one from the opposing clan can defend the war because You can only play one defense per day and they also have to set the same war schedule for each territory. This is really fucking bullshit. People who like war content have killed this game.
The system of fictitious clans and the cool down of war has to go, there are many wars that are not played.
Then instead you put on twitch and see the same streamer play 4 wars a day, because the guy has 4 different accounts.

If the new world wants to survive 2023, it needs to rethink many things.


People are leaving new world daily… in huge numbers. If you want to keep playing the game to enjoy WAR content, sad reality is YOU and your company will have to move to another server with active wars.


Wars might be actually playable now that the games engine doesn’t brake from too many particles.

every server and every company has the same problem. It’s actually insane we have to drop wars because the system is shit

Since when?

This was something that should have been addressed over a year ago.
Getting more war content into the game, AT LEAST ENOUGH that every
single person who wants to war gets to at least 1x a day if they want to.

But remember, it took them a year to get the letters on the doors right.

So yeah, ggs next.

Problem not with system, problem with greedy compannys whu know thei cant defrnd 2 wars but still taking 2 teritorys.


Easy, remove teritory control system ( wich is kiling game from day 1) and make wars every day with company wich you wana ;D everyone is happy ;D


it really feels like they dont put any thoughts into these things. pushing a territory takes waaaaay too long and now they completly ruined wars and I have a feeling this wont be fixed for a very long time.


  • remove territory control system
  • create a new war mode where people can join wars. With wars every hour or every number of players, every (put oye suggestion here please) …

They definitely need to revamp war accessibility and how zones get pushed to conflict. There just arent enough players that care to put up with the discord politics of grtting into wars. Its tiresome.

Should have been done prior to Brimstone release.

You understand that it’s actually meant to help you ? Help Lower tier company get a territory.

IF the company you are talking about is having more then 1…it’s normally because its a top tier company…and yeah…one way to bring them down is to push all the territories at the same time.

Then you get to have one…! Hey enjoy ! You will be able to get pushed…and loose it back on defense!

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That system was put in place to prevent a single company from being able to control an entire server through mercs and shell companies. It’s less AGS breaking wars as much as it’s companies taking multiple territories so they can fleece what little gold they can out of them before losing them. As it stands, generally speaking, if you are in a war with no defense, it’s because they chose to defend the more profitable territory and don’t have the members to defend 2 or 3 wars at the same time. The new system is working as intended, but it will continue to be an issue because even if you don’t care about actually controlling a second territory, pushing one still ensure you get to war. If you end up winning the war, you now have 2 territories.

Warring companies will continue to push additional territories for the same reason you pushed this war. We all just like to fight in wars.