Im wondering how

…many people on level 60 are really playing the game.
And with playing I mean, doing stuff instead of hanging around in towns.
Not a lot I guess. Why? because nothing works or is not worth the time to spend on it.
I dont need to go deeper into this.

For me, I didnt expect too much on this game, because i spend a lot of time in the alpha and beta. And everyone who did this too, saw those problems comeing.

So here is the question, especialy for the lvl 60 pvp folks.
What are you doing while youre online?
How do you spend your time in new world?
What do you guys think, is there any chance, that this game survives?
(if youre not lvl 60 since a few days, please dont answer, because 99% of the problems with this game comes at max level)

And to the devolpers:
Is there any chance to keep the players up to date?
I mean, so many things are bugged, not working or disabled.
Everything we hear is: “we are working as hard as we can to fix the issue”
There is like no transparency. The people are waiting for answers.
You sold us a great idea of a video game on alpha state.
I think, if you keep acting like this, the game will die sooner or later, which would be really sad.

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