Im worried about merchanting in general

i just ran calculations on buying up a item refining it and selling it back, wich does make a tiny profit if u know what you are doing, but it caught my eye that because its T1 materials i have 0 crafting cost, and in this 0 crafting cost situation im already looking at a (me 56.5% - 43.5% tradepost) ratio, needless to say im new to it, and im just making hunches here, but if crafting fee was included in here then what would the ratio be? 10% me , 90% tradepost? , i think the balance is a bit unfair (i overexedurated the 10-90%), and i was wondering what you guys think about this, or can speak from experience about it.

My current feel on the subject is: Way to much fee’s
and i was hoping to see if my feel is correct OR if i am overlooking data ( as its pretty late at moment of creating this post and brain went semi-byebye)

Thanks for your time! <3

EDIT: the ratio changes based on how many days i list it. this was done with 14 Days (default)

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