Imagine not having fun

Imagine not having fun.
New world is fun so I play it. Why do you play New World?

many forum users seem to only play the game to be miserable and complain.

Give it time, the unfun parts are at the very end.

Don’t worry, everyone will get there eventually and have their own outlash about it. Most people see 300+ hours played with all of the dog shit being fed to them at the portion of the game that takes that kind of time investment to reach and spend a few days coming to terms with it.

Soon you won’t have anyone to make passive aggressive smug posts about, so I guess there’s that to look forward to - and all of the resource nodes that you can’t refine because there aren’t enough players on your server to fight invasions.


I’m at the very end and still having alot of fun.


I am glad! I hope enough people continue to do so, my server is basically dead in the next 7 - 14 days if merges do not happen and it’s in the top 10% of servers in terms of peak population. We cannot fight attrition from invasions and there is no economy.

Only 5% of the servers have over 1/3 population. About 30,000 players have a decent populated server.

It has passed extreme concern.

Merges should have happened 2 weeks ago, but someone made the bright idea of promising free transfers - it might have been a decision that kills this entire game save for 3 or 4 servers. Something tells me they are not prepared to merge servers in the next 1 - 2 weeks, and people are already not upgrading stations after losses due to invasions on my server anymore. We can’t even fill out a full 50 man roster for anything but the first invasion of the night.

We have 300 - 500 players during peak hours, not even close to all of them are level 60. Yet somehow the developers expect players to keep up with 3 invasions every night that occur within 30 - 60 minutes of each other, on top of wars that share the same scheduling.

It would be fine if the server caps were like 3k - 5k and the servers were full.

Armchair Project Managers and Devs.

They paid $40 chill or just don’t play. Clogging the forums with salty low effort posts is getting annoying.

To punish myself.

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