Imagine Thinking This

Those of you who think that the OWPvP benefit of increased luck is a reason to leave the game might want to rethink your lives through.

It isn’t specifically implemented to benefit those who “have been exploiting the whole time”. This is an implementation, along with others, that are meant to incentivize flagging specifically at level 60, because at that point you no longer have any benefit from the increased experience gain flagging gives.

They want OWPvP to thrive in order to provide more depth to faction wars and the fight for benefit from the OW aspects of the game. This is a good addition, not a bad one. Those of you who are thinking about quitting or who will quit - I cannot control what you do, but the game will likely be better without a person with the mentality of a 12 year old. Just because you don’t enjoy PvP doesn’t mean other people don’t, nor that they shouldn’t be getting some sort of benefit from their added risk in flagging once they hit 60. If something doesn’t directly benefit you, but it does other people, that’s not okay… but the moment you get some sort of benefit and the PvP playerbase suffers, you don’t give a damn? Nice hypocrisy.

I agree. When do you leave then?

Seriously… who else will create a post to explain his feelings and complain about other people thoughts without adding any argument to the conversation except a 12 year old?

There are people leaving the game right now who are, quite literally, completely unaffected by this change. But yes, I’m the 12 year old.

I see no problem with them leaving. Game will be better for it. Don’t know what the point of this is, why would you want them to stay?

Also, pro tip, don’t respond to trolls.

Did you read my post at all or did you just intend to respond?

I specifically stated that it is implemented for a reason and what their intentions are for OWPvP.

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