IMHO : mounts are urgently needed

Ok, this goes from a person who played 23 hours in the last 3 days, this game really needs mounts, or faster movement systems (please, stop saying ''but the game has fast travel, isn’t the same thing!!) from level 18 you start doing quests with the fisherman, each time he sends you to more distant places in the middle of nowhere, where you just can’t use fast travel. (and simply pressing the automatic walk button and staring at nothing for 5 minutes on the way and 5 minutes on the way back doesn’t make any sense)
The only thing I can think of is that the devs haven’t played this game beyond level 15 or heard any feedback on the betas, not to mention that the game was pretty much released in early access, besides the hundreds of bugs, there is little or nothing to do on these absurd walks. with the addition of more content people would use the mounts less (at least those who wanted to explore)
hunting wolves that respawn 3x every 4 hours and walks that last 10 minutes reduced my will to live in half.
I have dozens of friends who play a few hours a day due to work/college, and making these people waste 2/3 of their available time just walking is cruel.
not to mention that as the game is at the beginning, we hardly recorded where things are, and going in search of a flower, animal or specific mining on foot has already prevented me from doing some 300 missions.
taking missions became painful just imagining the amount of steps back and forth

in an attempt to go deeper into the topic, some answers for people who come with complaints against riding

’‘but what about pvp, how would it work’’: Simply add a system where people with PVP on could not ride mounts.

’‘if you don’t like the way the game is, go play something else’’: dude, that’s not how it works

’‘I don’t see the need for mounts, I like to walk’’ : so just don’t use LOL

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