Immediate response recommendation to avoid major player loss

After the last torture you did, you started to lose the player base even more this time. While this update was supposed to attract players, it kicked out players. You still do not understand, increasing the torment does not please people. Most of the player base is casual players, without them you can’t provide populations.
There are 2 actions you can take urgently for this. And without playing with the codes too much, you can apply it for 1 month without working on it, and you can freeze the food of the crowd until new events.
-The amount of orb-keys that can be crafted and purchased from the store;
Make 1 craftable per day and available in faction shop 1 time per day. People can’t play your content that way. You can compensate for this by reducing the amount of umbral shard that high level mutations give.
-Opr is the only option in the game for people who love pvp and you totally killed him. You need to increase the opr rewards, otherwise the pvp players will leave completely.
Add umbral shard to opr rewards.
200 for win
100 for losing
And change it to 500 gold for the winner / 300 gold for the loser.

And there is a third way of intervention. This pain may have to work 1 day more than the other two, sorry :slight_smile:
-Increase named item drops of open world elite mobs. Just like in dungeons. The open world is completely dead. If you reinforce it that way, you start again to attract people there. In general, you need to work hard for 1-2 days and make the game more casual. People may cry that item drops will make the game easier, but making the game easier always means more people. In this way, only the powerful and the rich continue to get stronger. Company owners earning 5m per week. You need to show people that anyone can win. Then you can fix the bugs in February patch and bring your new event easily in March. But as long as you don’t do these interventions, sorry ags you can add this to other mobile game dumps too.
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OP you are missing one of the key culrpits…house taxes.

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too late. they don’t even care. feb is the end if they’re still working this game in the same pace


I give kudos to the OP for working these helpfull ideias into the forums. OPR need’s a band aid now and needs speed exploit fixes in February, not really fun to see people running like FERRARI by only pressing the W key.

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The devs showed so many times their idea of fun is so different from mine so even if they bandaided the game as OP suggests I wouldnt come back because the next update would probably be they increase GS to 700 and to raise it you need a super rare orb that you can get once per month which open Amrine with mutated mobs lvl70 that you have to grind for a year…

I guess they still think it’s a mobile game or something. They are trying to do the same things with the mobile games they screwed up before. Cooldown times are for mobile games, if you try to do this to people who play on PC for hours, people will not be patient, and go away. Can someone explain to them that this is not a mobile game?

They would probaly say something like:

Do you guys not have phones?

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No he devoted an entire thread to his taxes being unfair already

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