"Immobilized" - Forever stuck until someone rez's me

This needs way more attention / priority. This makes the game unplayable for everyone effected. You literally login every day until someone finds you and rez’s you forcing you not play or do anything risky.

The solution to the fix: [SOLVED by MYSELF] [Video Link] Character stuck at revival situation (IMMOBILIZED) - #21 by Pyas

In the comment section of the above link he found a way to fix it. Hopefully this will help amazon narrow it down…

More poor souls stuck with permenent death…


@NW_Mugsy @Luxendra

Can we at least get this on the known issues thread?

This is seriously making this game unenjoyable.

I have gone from playing 8-12 hours a day to maybe an hour. I cannot play solo, I cannot play expeditions.

This is 100% resolved if you reimplement the respawn mechanic. I get it was removed to prevent power gaming and warping around the map to level quickly, but we are weeks in now, those who would have abused it to level quickly are already 60.


@NW_Mugsy @Luxendra

Daily reminder this is still not even listed in the known issues.

Please at least acknowledge this is being looked into, the game is miserable to play now.

This makes outpost rush CANCER. I have to lay there till I get a rez. :frowning: This isn’t a new bug…look at the dates on the many other posts I linked… PLEASE put some priority on this AGS.

Let’s join the stuck gang we need a patch

Running an arena fixes this bug - my guild helped me do this. I can not die! Cmon AGS fix this cause this way of doing it is insane!

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