Immortals players and armine dungeon

I’m playing on Alatyr Server (SA region) and some players just don’t receive damage both PVE and PVP and there are many, this happened with 2 friends and the experience is not pleasant it feels like a GodMod, this first day I was forced to walk with pvp turned off, by finding players who do not take damage! A possible solution to get back to normal is to close and open the server. When my friends closed and opened the game again they were back to normal, they weren’t immortal anymore.

-Tutorial and DGs:
On the same Alatyr server the following happens, the MOBs in Amrine’s DG (lvl 25) and in the initial tutorial are sloshed you see him, but he’s not exactly there, you have to find him (invisible) near your projection… to kill it! Just create a character on the server do the tutorial and you will see the problem



Common amazon fix this bug please.

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