IMO There isn't actually anything wrong with OPR que

Not sure where the discrepancy is coming from with people feeling like matches are one sided.

This is from 30 minutes ago on Eld which I know I’ve heard someone mention Eld specifically.
This match starts out completely lopsided but we held down sun which seemed to encourage everyone and we actually turned this match around and won. I que’d solo and whenever I play OPR I go for the points cause that’s the whole game.

I’m curious to hear what others playstyles are that are continually losing matches in 5 minutes because of premades. (I don’t actually think it has anything to do with premades.) (Just like I don’t think bows are OP)

I’m definitely not trying to show off or brag cause I know I’m not even doing my best in this footage. But this is literally how all of my matches go when I que solo.

This is another example where I que’d solo. That’s from about 2 weeks ago.

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