Impending doom on Fresh Start Servers that needs looked at

Territory income is based on territory level, which is fine but you need to have a territory levelled to make money. This means that every single territory on a fresh start server COSTS money to upgrade and all the taxes that are being paid on the fresh start are going to cause a MASSIVE deflation of gold due to it being a gaping gold sink.

Territory incomes shouldn’t be based on level 0 - 39 and 0% - 100%.

Territory incomes should be scaled 0 - 39 and 50% - 100% of their fixed income rate.

A fresh server that has 0 upgrades GOLD SINKS 97.5% of the tax income due to no upgrades. This is an awful set up and should be changed before fresh start servers.


Level 0 should be 50%, not 2.5% of total tax income on the server.


Yea it would feel more immersive if tier upgrades at towns took several days or weeks to achieve…seeing the crafting stations fully upgrade on day 1 is kind of like…oh i guess thats done did I do that? Who did that lol?


Day 1 is gonna be a bloodbath of shattered hopes and expectations.


I said exactly this before it was even announced, when people where clamoring for it. It was a bunch of people who want to recapture some illusory magical fantasy of a perfect version of New World.


@Kay this might be something to look into given these servers are not bringing in a ton of external wealth to jumpstart them.


There are already problems on the most recently opened servers.
Some small company’s are already struggling to pay weekly tax.
The 5% towns will be barren wastelands for months.

Even the 10% towns are facing large bills , 5 upgrades and your weekly tax bill is 28k and income is just 3k.
To get a town close to profit will require a company to eat more than 400k of cost before they might make a profit.
No one will have that sort of money on a new start server.

Best town WW on my server has 19 upgrades and income of 20k and a weekly bill of over 100k.


Maybe they want the Fresh Start Struggle. :man_shrugging:


This is especially tough in a system where putting in all of that effort and financial investment may not pay off as someone can just take over ownership after all of the hard work has been done. There isn’t much incentive to invest personal wealth in these towns unfortunately.

Combine this with invasions, although now solved, may be pretty tough when not everyone will be max level and geared.

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That’s it. It’s pointless playing now because someone in internetland says something won’t work because of something or other! :frowning:



I get where you are coming from but this is a valid concern.


Ummm… I say it won’t work because the company i was in DUMPED Ebanscale Reach income into Brimstone to get it to level 15 or so and it STILL was a net loss.

97.5% gold sink of all tax income isn’t theory, it’s real.



I think I’d still rather have it this way than companies getting like 5mil a week.


He said gaping

Which is fine, but my god am I definitely not doing a Fresh Start Server. They’ve reduced a lot of gold inflation for aged servers and it’s, “balanced,” for aged servers, but a fresh start server sinking 97.5% of all tax income is pretty monstrous.

the typical server makes around 20-25m globally. That means if it was a full server and it equated to even 75% of a normal server then each week 14.65m will be sunk into nothing and disappeared from a FRESH start server that has a lack of economy to begin with.

I’m not saying get rid of the system implimented with the %'s, I just think it’s an awful idea to allow Fresh Start Servers to have a Deflation of gold when there is none to begin with.

Think about it… If you don’t pay the upkeep, your city downgrades right? Lose an invasion, your city downgrades. Where’s the money for upgrades gonna come from? quests? dungeons? Cool, but as soon as something is upgraded, that money is gone. As soon as something is sold on the Trade Post, gone. It’s not reinjected into the economy.

If there isn’t enough gold income to a server to even sustain a town until it hits level 20 then the server is doomed to have 1 upgraded territory for a very, very long time. That’s if a full company of organized people can coordinate well enough to even do it fast enough before the territory upkeep smacks them.

You’d almost have to stockpile gold from quests and dungeons as a company before even thinking of starting to upgrade a town. This was an issue in New World at launch because there wasn’t enough gold coming in and towns were extremely hard to upkeep. Once they added more gold to the game it fixed this and towns finally prospered.

The worst part is, 75% of the gold income on a server was allocated to windsward letting it have a jump-start on every single territory and that’s why it is what it is today. Now, all that gold is forced into an even allocation across all territories and if it isn’t upgraded, those taxes that were paid literally disappear.

Even with no gold sink in taxes launch day was a mess. I can’t imagine it’s going to be better with a system that is meant for aged servers.

On launch day every territory had 100% income and it was STILL a struggle to even get a territory to max level. Just think about if 97.5% of all taxed income was deleted every single week like it will be soon on a Fresh Start Server.

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It’s almost like they have it backwards to me.
It should be a higher percentage of a low pie at start and then as the pie gets bigger, you get a smaller piece of it.

All the current situation does is hurt the start… but the end we still have companies raking in cash

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Yes, on a mature server. I theorize that the gold sink will be too much and they will have to take action. There is no RMT gold or already rich companies being transferred in so it’s literally separate from the entire economy of New World.

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I get it and agree with you. It’s going to be rough as shit for the more enterprising companies. That’s fine with me though lol. It’ll take forever to upgrade territories…that has pros and cons, if anything it’ll keep prices for things pretty great at least.


Mother of god. They wanted a break from mega companies owning everything in FSS, but imagine a single territory being the only one that has any money? If even that happens? Not one to normally doomsay that much, but this should be seriously looked at. @Luxendra @Aenwyn (sorry for second ping of the day)