Impossible to gather Earthspine in Monarch's

Just north of Khalladan Gate shrine in Monarch’s Bluffs, there are two Earthspine nodes that are not able to be gathered. One of them at least gives you the E option to harvest it, but when you crouch into the harvesting animation you’re out of range. The other node is not even touching the ground at all and never gives the E popup.

Me, prone under the node:

A different angle

Oh and two Earthcrag nodes just east of there that need to be pulled out of the ground. One is gatherable still, but the other is not.

And two Lifebloom nodes just north of that Earthcrag
… and the Lifebloom in the waterfall by the Draco POI.

To not have to continue posting each one, I think it’s safe to say that all elemental mote gatherable nodes in/near Monarch’s need to be revalidated.