Improved Charge

I think it would feel great and vastly improve the fun of the charge ability if were able to pass through team mates.

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It’s an interesting thought. You can’t pass through players while wielding a weapon, but you need to wield the weapon to charge. Hmm…

Rather than charging through… what if the charge knocked them aside? It’ll be annoying for whoever you charge through, but it sure would be funny.
Then again, imagine people charging through town, bowling dozens of players over in their wake.
Maybe not such a good idea. LOL.

Fire staff does this without issue.

Your suggestion would be a lot of fun too.

The great axe could use some love. The animation completely stops my character to light swing. I should be able to swing on the move.

rapier and sns have abilities that can teleport you though teammates as well. a big issue with charge is that teammates behind you can activate the hitbox making it so that you only charge 1 inch. why is it that these weapons get to behave a certain way while others dont?? BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE A COHERENT DESIGN PHILOSOPHY AND JUST THROW SHIT AT A WALL TO SEE WHAT STICKS

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