Improvement for the friends list, tagging system filter


I’m sure you feel the same way.
You have a great random run in a dungeon or other activity and want to add the player or the whole group to your friends list.

A few days later, you have no idea what the player’s name was, what role he played in your group, or even what exactly you played with him.

we urgently need a tagging system to add small notes about players on the friends list.

as an example for markings:

“m10 tank”
“m10 dd+”
“chest runs”

or whatever tags you choose.

These tags are defined in advance and can then be selected when adding a new player to the friends list.

This way, you can later filter your friends list by for a special note, for example, “m10 tank” and immediately find suitable players.

What do you think of this? it would definitely make it much easier for me to find players for my activities and keep in touch with friends.

If you think the same, please bump for more attention!

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