Improvements to the attribute system and improvements to the weapon system (mainly the magic ones>)

Attributes will now give a general passive effect for all weapons, but they will only increase damage if it is the weapon’s primary stat.

Strength - Reduces stamina cost when blocking and increases damage dealt to stamina / Increases damage of most melee weapons

Dexterity - Increases critical chance and critical damage (up to a cap of 40%)/ Increases the damage of most ranged weapons, and some melee weapons.

Intellect - Reduces the cooldown of skills (up to a cap of 40%) / Increases the elemental damage of magic weapons.

Focus - Increases healing received and dealt from all sources (potions and food included) / Increases elemental damage of some magic weapons.

Constitution - Increases health. (yeah, that’s it) / Increases threat generation on shield weapons.

  • No more elemental and physical resistance perks.

  • Weapons will now go up to level 30, and will be able to use 4 skills, instead of just one.

  • The “ultimate” can now be chosen from weapon level 30, you will choose it below the skill selection, as seen in the photo.

  • All equipment will no longer come with weapon perks. (most will be ‘returned’ to the weapon.)

  • The damage from weapon skills will be different in PVE and PVP.

  • Now you can save construction for the weapon, exchanging them for azoth whenever you want (when you don’t have skills on cooldown).

  1. I will also give suggestions for improvements to magic weapons, let’s start with the fire staff.

  1. — faction — - Expeditions now always offer the related quest when entering. - Level 60 faction armor now gets stronger according to their expertise, reaching up to 600 GS (in relation to the perks gained at level 600, I’ll leave it to the DEVS to choose.) - There will be no more dungeon keys, instead of keys in the faction, you will buy an exclusive gypsum from her, which will increase the expertise of a chosen equipment slot. - When activating open world PVP, you will earn faction tokens by performing tasks such as collecting and killing enemies/players. - Now XP exceeded levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be used normally, however, without releasing the next store tab, you will still need to do the quest to unlock the next faction store tab - The armors will have SEALS of all types of attributes, there will be a seal of pure intellect, instead of CONS and int. - Faction missions are no longer taken from the quartermaster, instead, they appear on the map, randomly, you can choose to do the mission or not, and you can accumulate several completed at once, before completing them in the quartermaster, For example, you are at first light, you pass through corrupted, and a faction quest appears (kill 15 corrupted and get chests), this would give the world more life and you could do various quests while moving around and exploring the world of new world, Faction items cannot be scrapped, however, you will be able to change their attribute by purchasing the attribute SEAL (for 100 points).

  2. [14:25]

  • Upon reaching level 10, players will be able to enter the OPR, however, only with people from level 10 to 59, to compensate and balance, their equipment won the GS corresponding to level 55/59, winning an OPR will offer points of faction, Gold and azoth, depending TOTALLY on your performance, winning or losing will be a differential, but not so much (just play well mate ) - Factions will now have their own SKINS, unlocked at each level, themed to their culture. (crows and doctors, and goths for syndicate, templar and priests for convenant, pirates for marauders) - There will be levels above 5, but these levels will only be cosmetics, giving patent, and token bonus in the faction, and some levels giving SKIN of weapon or part of armor. - Faction armor will no longer be sold or thrown away, you can now leverage a lower tier faction armor to reduce the cost of a higher tier (we assume you buy the light torso for 1,500 level 15 token, the torso of 25 costs 5000 but will cost 3500 as you have the previous version of it, and so on.) -------- Other equipment in the “shield slot”. — In place of the shield space, it will now have the “support” space, it will have 3 types of items in it, shields, Tomes, and ammo pouches, Shield remained the same, Ammo pouches will be where you will put your ammo, it will have PERKS as well as your weapon/shield, Tome, will work as a “book” for mages, it will increase max mana, and will have its offensive perks (you will use the ammo pouch if you want to play musket + int weapons). See how each type of “support” would be in the equipment tab (made by me, to illustrate). ---- Pocket will be where you will store the ammo, if you use a weapon that uses ammo, only non-elemental gems will be possible to use it.(they will give the offensive effect.)

–Tomes will be books that will give mana bonus just for using them, the gems in them will convert the damage dealt to elemental, according to the gem, and can reach 100% of converted damage if you add the gem to the tome, + the gem to the weapon, depending on of the gem placed, it will give damage bonus of that element, normal gems can be used on it too, offering offensive gem bonus normally.


1-There is a barber in every city, you can change your character’s appearance at will, the more appearance options you change, the more gold it costs (up to 300 gold).

2-Transmog system, You can equip the appearance of a collect/bought item (that you wear) into armor of the same type, we assume, you are a level 45, drop an item from, you gain a level 45 light chest armor, you can wear this skin on any light chest armor. (can only take skin from equippable items.)

(Please, the biggest fallacy they have against casuals is “AGS will lose money”, no it won’t, in fact it will encourage buying items from the store to match the ones in the game itself)

3- You can customize the color of your house and the color of the furniture.
--------- armor
Adjusted weapon damage and healing bonus.

Light armor now deals 40% more damage and heals for 60% more.

Medios now deals 20% more damage and heals 30% more, and increases the duration of BUFFS and DEBUFFS by 20%.

Heavy Now receives higher block stability and lower block cost, buffs and debuffs/crowd control now last 40% longer.

Heavy and medium armor now resist longer.

Now you can add lower tier potions, to be able to make better potions, you will need splinters and the previous level potion.( health potion, and damage.)
Damage perks to enemy types, and resistance to them.

  • They will no longer come in the equipment.
  • items from epic will now come with a set bonus, offering a bonus when you have 2 pieces/4 pieces of equipment.
  • 2 equipment with set bonus, will offer resistance for that type of enemy, with 4 equipment, now you cause damage bonus against that type of enemies, these set bonus will come exclusively on body equipment (head etc etc).
  • No more elemental and physical resistance perks.

--------------- equip type -----------------
You will have 2 types of body equipment.

  • Gathering/crafting equipment
  • combat equipment

Both can be built separately.

  • -----------crafting items=-------------

  • Now the level of materials (tier and rarity) will increase the item’s minimum and maximum GS, and also the chance of getting perks.

  • Azoth will now serve to increase the amount of perks that can be chosen on items.

  • Now to choose the armor attribute, you will have to buy the token in the attribute faction, you will have several combinations of tokens (in addition to cons + some attribute)

  • Items that grant perks now only grant PERKS (bonus) from equipment and weapons, bags and collection equipment (scythe etc).

  • General perks -

Now head, foot, torso etc etc equipment will come with bonus mana, max stamina, stamina regen, health bonus, and cooldown reduction perks.

jewels (of all types) will come with offensive perks, and only offensive, all of them (will serve to gain more damage source.)

Wards on jewels - Applying them to jewels, now offer a damage bonus according to the type of jewel, for example, a jewel that has passive to increase fire resistance on equipment, and convert fire damage to the weapon, now will increase the fire damage if applied to jewelry (specific elemental and physical damage perks will no longer exist.)

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