Improving the player-economy and removing gold sinks

There seems to be a current lack of market activity on trading posts beyond Everfall and Windsward on most servers. This results in those towns reaping most of the benefits of tax revenue as players establish their crafting and trading base in those areas. Further, town growth and upkeep are static with fixed gold costs that flow out of the system - in the long-term this could be causing deflation.

I think if the town upgrades and maintenance were connected to resources rather than static gold costs it would really improve the game. In other words, settlements can place buy orders on their own trading posts to fill resource needs for upgrades and maintenance. As the crafting station tiers get higher, the required goods become more complex to reflect the supply chain growth. This could solve several problems:

  1. It creates market activity in other territories as players would be incentivized to import resources and finished goods to those markets. This also benefits other territories via trading and crafting taxes.

  2. It would create real demand for a lot of resources that are currently in oversupply (especially high tier raw materials).

  3. There is a flow-back from the companies holding territory and labor (players) instead of that gold disappearing from the player economy (eliminates a gold sink).

  4. As towns get more developed, they have a higher demand on the high tier resources that are currently generally worth less than their lower tier counterparts (starmetal/orichalcum ore, thick/iron hides, etc.). These are generally gathered in those higher level zones where the towns could benefit from refining and exporting them to EF/WW.

There are probably other benefits but this is what comes to mind on how the player-economy in New World could be much improved and create a really interesting dynamic.



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