[In-Game Event] Turkulon Returns!

Greetings Adventurers,

Turkulon is back for revenge in 2022. Hunt down the feathered menace and his ‘fowl army’ to earn unique rewards. Thanks to player feedback from last year, enemies will now respawn faster and offer more loot. Get the last gobble before this event ends on 2022-12-07T07:00:00Z.

But did you know that Turkulon didn’t start out as as a threat? Learn more about his story (and more) in this article!

We’re excited to see what you and your friends are up to this fall holiday season. Post below your favourite fall story or post any Turkulon-related in-game screenshot!

PS: If you haven’t seen it yet: https://twitter.com/playnewworld/status/1592584834106462215


Why would you not post the whole thing about the event? Do you think its a good idea to post “hey there is an event and its going to start happening right now” and later “this is what this event is about so if you didn’t do it because you didnt know what this was about, here you go”



Don’t worry, we’ll be making a twitter post and releasing an article later today! It’s still early morning for us :wink:


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Cool event, where can I learn more about it and why wasn’t it posted before the event is live?

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Good info here in case you wanna learn more about it before AGS officially posts event info: New World Turkulon Event - Turkey Locations - New World Database


It was also listed on the roadmap that was released earlier this year. Its been planned since it was put out this time last year. Not a lot to do really, kill turkeys, chase the world boss from location to location and hope you get a drop.



It would have been nice to at least drop everyone a bag of feathers, rather than no drop at all. It would have little value, but at least players would know they didn’t miss a drop.


so I really wanted to enjoy this event… but if you are not in a group it’s impossible to get there in time and get any loot drop! My faction seem to be only doing pvp turkey groups… and the one time I got there to hit it several times still no drops. I have all the wayshrines and zones in the game and just used 100’s of azoth jumping around zones to try and get there in time… but nothing. so giving up wasting frustrating hours for this. very disappointed…


think i would have preferred no notice and no marker so there was a chance to just find a turkey and not have a big group just go kill it before you could get there?

Please adjust spawn rate and/or turkey HP, it’s impossible to get to the turkey and deal the 100k damage in time, it goes down too fast, it’s very difficult to even have a chance to get the rewards, despite also being in a party.
I don’t want to spend my time in game constantly squeezing my eyes on the map trying to catch the spawn point as soon as it’s up, neither I want to wait late night hoping there are less people.
Also please look into event drops rate for regular turkeys… given that the compass doesn’t show any animal anymore for me, I have been wandering around looking for turkeys for half an hour and only found 1 diamond gypsum.
I like events but this must be the most frustrating event of the year, so far.


Its not the same as the first time turkelon randomly appeared in the world :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s still rediculously funny.

They seem to have a kinda fixed respawn time per territory. So once you know what the spawn order is, its just keeping an eye out in the right territory at the right time to catch the spawn.

For getting the loot: the first 3 i was solo, but was there in time, so got enough hits in to get a drop. The other times I just invited all the people who asked in area chat and got drops every kill (only bland poultry after the limited event drops).

The drops are auto loot btw. So no need to dig in the turkey corpse.

I got all my drops in the first 10 kills. So find the pattern, jump on the train and walk around in turkey stockings in no time :stuck_out_tongue:

So only complaint is that I have helped kill 6+. Still no drops!!! I usually don’t play in groups so can we get a fix for this please???

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right now I’m saying this is a bs event. you can’t do enough damage to qualify because there’s so many people showing up. I’m watching the thing die in less than 30 seconds. GET RID OF THIS STUPID DAMAGE REQUIREMENT.


There are very few things in games that will make me rage quit, but a poorly designed, limited time, event is one of them. It feels like this was put in game to reward the hard core players and screw everyone else.

The turkey doesnt show up very well on the map, so it takes forever to find it. Nobody is sharing the location in chat because it dies so fast its a competition to get to it first, so nobody wants to share.

Something that is supposed to provide something fun for the whole community but falls way short is sad… :-1:



The turkey kill is a PITA, but on the other hand, the gypsum for killing normal turkeys is welcome.

We’ve added the article above, but you can also check it out here:

As noted in the article, getting credit does require a certain threshold of damage. I highly suggest grouping up, as it counts the entire groups’ contribution!


Thats a good idea cause after my 5 kill i wasnt sure if i got credit for the kill cause nothing happen lol