In Game Gold Economy is about to crash ::IMMEDIATE ATTENTION REQUIRED::

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So this is a long topic and I will do my best to condense it but its serious so I’m going to dive right in:
The games gold economy is about to come to a “Great Depression” if you will. It’s hard to notice it right now but people will begin seeing it slowly over the next week and I expect within 2-3 weeks the game servers will be broken on gold. As it stands there are more sources of gold being taken than their are coming in. As it stands Quests, War, and Outpost Rush are going to be the only reliable ways to actually obtain gold (Monster killing was not added as it costs more gold to farm than you gain gold). The ways for gold to go out into the void are much higher. Repairs, Town Upkeep Taxes, Housing, Upgrades, Re-Specing, etc. I have spoken with a few people on this matter and they all agree that this is a serious issue coming up that needs to be addressed ASAP. I’m going to list a few things bellow that were discussed about this as well.

Trade Market: “We have guys that are making a killing off the market right now, How could the games gold be disappearing?”. At the moment you can make gold off the market because players have gold right now. But as time passes Players who own houses, Repair their gear and just general use their gold, will start running lower and lower on money. This will cause the market to slow down exponentially. Not to mention most of the items that are being sold on the market ATM are Gear, Crafting Mats, and Board items. Once players have reached level 60 and have stable gear and their crafting skills start maxing out this will bring the market a halt. Meaning people will start to lose money to post items on the market resulting in further loss of gold in the economy. The market is also gonna struggle from other sources such as: Players don’t need to throw away gear… so why buy more gear? Or anything for that matter because nothing breaks. Meaning once you have it you don’t need to go buy more for ANY reason.

Questing: The problem with quests are they end. Once your done them all you done. There is no more. There is a few that can be done as repeatable (IE the Dungeons) but their gold value isn’t worth the dungeons durability requirements vs their reward. The Town Board quests and Faction Quests ALSO don’t give enough of a gold return to be worth running.

Monster Hunting: Either running a dungeon or just running around killing mobs solo/grouped does generate gold however the amount will barley cover the repairs for doing so. After some testing running in the max level area both solo and in a group after 6 hours most of 5 player party made roughly 800 gold, when in turn than 600+/- was used for repairs. Now some argued “well what about the gear you got?”. The answer was as simple as above. “Who’s gonna buy it?”

City Ownership: This is also a issue for the cities, as people begin maxing their crafts or not need to sell things on the market the amount of taxes for city owning companies will begin to fall. Some argue well we have a huge income right now, that might be true for now but as time passes more and more cities will be all maxed and people wont go to a certain city for crafting or selling. Ending with the towns and cities needed to raise taxes more and more to help try to generate the income to keep the upkeep up and prevent the city from downgrading everything back to T1.

These are just some of the topics but at the end of the day the amount of gold coming in vs going out is almost at a 1:8 ratio. This was probably not noticed in the betas because of no beta or alpha ran long enough or stable enough to see this start happening. But unless something is done quickly we will see a HUGE crash in the game where players wont be able to adventure, fight, craft, or anything. But this leads into another hard topic as well. What should we recommend doing to help prevent this from happening? Awareness of this will only delay it but not stop it. After long discussion with my Company members we came to the conclusion the best solution to this would be the following:

  1. Change the monster drop rate of gold to 100% and lower their drop amount by about 45%. Why lower when we wanna increase the income? That’s simple: We don’t want to over inflate the economy with gold, rather get it more stable. This would allow players doing anything to trickle in gold while not overflowing them with it. This decision was also based off an average gameplay time of 1-3 hours a day which is what a normal casual player would play. This combined with step 2 will help keep the economy stable.
  2. Don’t turn off server Character Creation. Yes this was a problem in the beginning with Long Queue times, however without a stable income of more players to a server, the servers marketplace will slowly die. To prevent this game character creation needs to be turned back on and allow for new players to be constantly trickle in. Will there be a Queue time at this point? On some servers with mega streamers the simple answer is yes. But you cant cater to those servers because it will hurt the game and servers that don’t have them which represent more of the games community than the ones with them. (This is not hate speech or anything towards streamers but a simple reality.)
  3. Remember were trying to increase the gold economy without over saturating it.

I totally agree with you. I was having this conversation on our discord a few days ago. We “generate” way less gold than we spend and this problem will be more visible in the coming weeks. New World has one of the most fun crafting/gathering in the genre, but what can we do with it if noone will buy the stuff we craft? :slight_smile:

There is no real gold farming techniques in the game right now. The only things you can infinitely do to get some gold are board quests and salvaging. But, salvaging gives you only 0.5g per item. Wars/invasions are not a reliable source as not everyone can/will participate.

Monsters should always drop some gold. Also, we should be able to sell items to a vendor (maybe the innkeeper?) for some gold. What is more, PvP quests should give a fair amount of gold, that way we would also have way more open world PvP as players would want to farm some gold like this and more players would flag for this purpose. Another source of gold would be the corrupted portals etc.

If we look at another MMO like AA, we can do trade runs and earn gold or we can farm mobs for the same purpose. Here, we don’t have any reliable income sources. Trade runs in New World would be so much fun, even if we had to do them on foot.

After everyone has reached endgame, the economy will be dead. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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I didn’t add wars and board quests. The reason is because eventually they wont be around. The board quests are here now because the town has an upgrade project. Once projects are all done there will only be 3 quests per 30mins. which give tiny amounts of gold. The problem with war is just as you said, its limited to only 100 people. The other problem with flagging is if more and more are flagging that will become more gold going out since when u die in PvP you take a durability hit on ALL your gear. Which would cause a bigger rift in the games gold economy. The trading system isn’t a bad idea, it would take time to implement and it’s not for everyone. Not to mention it’s time consuming. (I’m all for it as something to add, just I’m trying to keep the average casual player which makes up 68% of all MMO’s player bases.)

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Oh indeed! I didn’t think about board quests being at the bare minimum when all the upgrades are completed.

100% agree, im not in endgame yet but I can already feel how the economy can crash and how awfuly this will feel. I really hope for some announcements of the content

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Just to add another idea. What about a caravan of traders that you have to guide to another location, it will always start in a town owned by your fraction. You must be PvP flagged to participate and it will show up on the map for everyone near enough. Other Fractions can prevent that with attacking the trader. Rewards can be mats, Gold and Azoth.


That is a full feature request. That would just add another income.

Fishing a Treasure Chest is 20-50g. :sweat_smile:


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