In-game Healer Buffs/De-buffs not showing up

Hi, I’ve been having a problem with my in-game interface. My ability Buffs/Debuffs are not showing up. Like when I use my healing ability, the healing buffs do not show up. When I am attacked with a debuff, they also don’t show up. I’ve tried resetting everything to default and also reinstalling the game. I still do not see any effects. Food buffs however do show up but just the active abilities and debuffs don’t show. Has anyone experienced this? How do you fix it? Please help! Thanks

Hello @SniperDAM. Thank you for bringing awareness to this issue. Could I have your Character name and server?

Hi. I made another post in big reporting and it has since been fixed. It sure how but it is now working correctly.

Not a problem! Glad the issue was fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a bug with showing buffs/debuffs since release of game. Sometimes even foods, u see the attributes but u dont see ‘icon’ as buff - in same cases u just use another food.
OPR food also sometimes disappear from buff icons, while is still active.

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