In-game leaks about seasons and leaderboards?

Hey, was just looking at map and something appeared !

There is like a daily leaderboard about companies and also a “season” which seems to be every 2 weeks.
The thing that determines the leaderboard are the “claims”, and “total claims” out of the season !

Does anyone see this and have some explanations ?

That seems interesting. Little more competitive aspect to the game.

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Interesting. This can go one of two ways. Either this is the remains of cancelled content that still has certain files left in the game (that happens sometimes.) and reference calls haven’t been entirely tidied up. Or, it’s a glimpse into the future. Time will tell. Very interesting though.

I like. Some kind of leaderboard similar to Albion & BDO would be perfect.

In general Albion added alot of systems over the years that could be interesting for the future of NW.

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