In-game player title “Warmonger”

I can’t seem to find this, I have participated in the PTR event.


It appears there’s a number of us without the title…why do I suspect it was never put in and now we will have to wait until the May update to get it.


Same here, was in the first War that day and no title.

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@Luxendra What’s going on with this?


Same here, character Zovrox from Nysa. I was in the second PTR war, and I don’t have this title available in live game right now

I’ll let the team know! I’m putting this in the bug reporting section.

@mmmmarl @Hostile @Crab0n can you provide me with your character names and server name so I can check on this?

Update, the team just let me know that they are going to roll this title out soon. I’ll provide an update here once it’s out.


@Luxendra Arik Sar’Daukar on El Dorado

Same here. Participated in both wars and no title :frowning:

“BRAD NW” on Abaton.

Crab0n from Orofena

They told us not to participate in both to give room for more participants………

Same here as well. PVPaladin on Dry Tree EU. Looking forward to flashing an awesome title to commemorate an awesome event!

I signed up a the very end to make sure other people can get it, but I still got in. Luck of the draw.


Everyone who participated should now get the title! If you don’t see it and you’re currently in-game, you may want to restart it.

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Not quite the screen I was hoping for :smiling_face_with_tear:
Can’t really check I guess…

EDIT: Nevermind, it’s there :slight_smile:

got it! thanks.

btw, any info how many of us has this title? :blush:

I appear to be stuck on the same screen.

Just give it some time, will be back at some point.

Vaguely related: Participants of Alpha 1 (pre-Steam) still have not received the title promised in the “We couldn’t have done it without you!” Email.