in-Game Stats NEED HELP

Hello ppl , Can samone tell me where can i find full stats in-game , and no i dont mean attributes i know i can press ‘K’ or ‘Tab’ but it doesnt show u full stats like crit chance/ cd reduction any help ?

i think this specific atributes you need know your skills actives

I mean for example what does +1 to int does , +1 to str and so on … How much dmg increase , how much mana recovery each stat gives , i cant find it anywhere it only says that this stat is good for this weapon and what perk u get for achiving a limit in each stat but doesnt say much on anything

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For damage go to the “K” menu, on the right will be the two weapons you have equipped, the damage listed next to them includes all attribute points spent, so if you level, watch the damage change (or not) when you allocate points.

Also, on the weapon ability screens, the bottom left tells you what attributes affect that weapon.

I know that lol xd but its still doesnt ans my question as to where can i see what each stats give for example i want more mana regen or faster cd but not gone use a life staff but want it for other weapons or want to increase my max crit dmg by adding to dex but not gone use a bow or a sword but a 2h hammer ? for example where does it show me exactly my mana regen or my cooldown reduction or my max crit modifier
Edit: Attributes | New World Wiki | Fandom where did they get their info from ?? is it legit ? does it still work in beta ? where can i find it ingame as u can read Focus

Focus governs your Mana recovery rate and your skill cooldown times. Higher Focus not only means that you can cast more spells more regularly, but also that you can use your cooldown-based abilities with a higher frequency.

  • +2% Mana Regen Rate
  • +0.5% Cooldown Reduction
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Hello dscoolcat.
Thank you so much for posting in the forums, in this case we can check all the changes made for the beta on this tread for the release note maybe it will help you out checking the exact stats for this beta :smiley:

Please keep me informed if this what you needed and also the Fandom wiki is a great way to check for the information but it wont always be up to date

Thanks it does give some inside info but still doesnt show me what each atribute increase for my char like shown in the fandom wiki and im not sure if the fandom wiki is even correct since i dont know where they got their info from as its not shown in game or anywhere on ur original websites at least i couldnt find it. i would like to know if i invest a point in focus do i get 0.5% cd reduction even if i use a sword and shield ? i cant find anything in game that says so, could u check the fandom wiki and tell me if its correct or lead me and propobly many other players where to find that kind of info in game


Anyone ??

It is not there, they do not have those specifics, I assume they have some sort of reason why, or they just have it set like that via the UI. The fansites are going to be the way to min-max down the line, they will mess around and figure out what 1 of each stat specifically does, and how all the buffs and stuff stack and in what orders and such, assuming the game gets big enough, it is just going to take some time. I would not expect too many specifics until people can really dig and and start to work out the math.

pretty shit tbh but oh well i quess i will spend the whole beta on it then x) instead of going and trying through the game

Your spoiled like the rest of us by playing games like Archeage that will breakdown attribute points into %'s of everything our character does from damage to dodging. I think it is not in the game to help them min/max stuff better on the back end for patches and changes. Maybe we will get something that specific in the future.

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There are different kind of player and different ppl its just time taking / stay bellow lv20 for free resets to test it out and calculate for me its important what char i want to acknowledge there fore important stats

I am not saying your right or wrong. Just saying its not in the game at this point unfortunately. I like to make sure I am making my character right the first time so I don’t have to keep going back.

focus no longer increase mana regen (they fixed it in may) and also don’t lower cd … right now only increase power of life staff (dmg and healing)

I totally understand the desire to mix max. It feels good to know you’re doing the best you possibly could. That said, I appreciate game design that drives players to explore and experiment. Sure, you could min max for top DPS in a raid or a dungeon, but at the end of the day a number doesn’t define a good player.

I feel the design approach is to encourage players to try weapons out, as they all perform differently in different situations. As the player determines their comfort zone and play style they can commit to the weapons of choice and begin leveling toward end game. This drives players to do what feels fun, rather then the meta. After all if a game isn’t fun, why play it.

In the end, meta will happen, and stat details will be out there via fan sites. I wouldn’t hold your breath form them being added directly to the game if they aren’t already in there at this point.

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On this topic, the discussion over in this thread my be of interest:

API availability will be super important for fan sites being able to develop through stat information.

I’d like to see my total crit chance somewhere.