In Game World Transfers On Store When?

When can we get World Transfers ? You gave us a free one but people have left the game and it would be nice to join other friends.
If you look at your character options before logging in it tells you to look on the in game store, but your not offering anything so why do we have this as an option in the store?
PLEASE add world transfers to the store so we can join are friends !

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Yes Please, need it ASAP. Have friends stuck on other servers. Willing to pay for it if needed. Just make a limit so that you can’t transfer from low pop server to high pop server so that people don’t abuse it or kill med pop servers.

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2022 at the earliest.

Has there been any talk of a harder date for this? I am bored out of my mind. I moved to my friends before the merger. We didn’t like the server after the merge and all decided to leave. Before I noticed I can’t move they already left. Guess I thought we were getting another free world move. At this point I would pay for it. I just need it in the store.

Ya I’m in the same boat but I got this as a reply in another post: The game team is planning on offering server transfers again as soon as the issues are ironed out. You can find out more on link below

I think ags realised paid transfers could destroy the game… merges work better.

It’s kinda hard to merge people into there friends servers !

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