In house faction take over

OK this is just an idea. On my server syndicate has a lot of large guilds. But out of the 5 zones we own 3 guilds hold them. Now some of these were bought not won through war. Only one has been through war. So the companies that have 2 are the same company same name all be it for a o/0 in the name and a diff coloured icon in flag.

So my idea is how about some in faction wars to dethrone the tyrants. I’m sure there is plenty of companies in my server dying to take over a settlement and dethrone the megalomaniac governers.

I think companies should be allowed 1 settlement each. And making companies trying to have a 200 man guild by making both companies virtually the same should not be allowed.

Only the ruling compaines get the max benefits of town ownership. so 1 company having more than one settlement seems a bit unfair.

Bring on the back stabbing and in house WARS…

Sorry if this has been posted as an idea before I don’t really read the forums.

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