In queue all day :S

almost 18 hours of waiting in line !!! Someday there will be an opportunity to play ???

it puts you back in sure, but after a certain time it kicks you again with a different message and you are forced to press play, so it doesnt work. Its a game breaking bug.

Not a spec problem. its a server problem. Rather the lack of it. I dont understand. You created new servers for USA but its a ghost town over there. Why dont you create new servers for EU???

My ping to US servers is 300ms+ and i am sure alot of people have the same issue.

Not launching all the servers on the same date was a mistake. Not addressing the issue that there are 180k people logged in and 200k people in que in Europe is a mistake.

This is going to be night 2 of not be able to log in again.

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its a game breaking problem, that needs to get fixed asap.

Not ignoring your EU players would be a great start. You were quick to add 60 servers to US but what did EU get? are we not your paying customers?

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just press the X and click on refresh image

The queues is horrendous now, been waiting for 4 hours was down to 114, and then the could not connect to queue now I am back to 5384, which is unacceptable as there is an issue with the queue client, which according to you has been fixed.

I am not mad just disappointed that this issue percists and you keep ignoring it because it does not affect revenue. Hope to see you all succeed but right now I wish that you fix that queue. or better yet, lock severs for new players, and let the ones that have characters play and set up the 160+ servers needed for EU based on population, and let us all enjoy the fantastic game that we want.

That only works if you are in low numbers for the que, people need to stop advising this.

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Same here yesturday queue of 4450 OMFG!!! then got kicked tried again kicked wtf!!!, so I tried again 607 queue omg.

So Amazon Games has had aaaallllll this time to sort out the server sizes out by predicting the amount of purchases which is ALOT mind you all and telling Amazon Games this if they have no F*cking idea lmao

what u mean low number? i just did it when i was around 1000. i’m still in queue now.
u mean higher number?

The game kicks you out of the que with a message along the lines of, "We couldnt find a que(server I cant remember) and you have to press Play at that point.

errrr @DevonK, I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but the issue is persisting!


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Guys Im sorry my post was discouraging or seemed generic. We dont think the problem is in your end and we are sorry if it looked like we were impying this.
There is a procedure in which we start ruling out possibilities on were the problem is. We call this troubleshooting and is necessary we make sure none of this are the source of the issue, so even though its a bit tedious, it must be done.
Im not leaving you guys with that, now that you have expressed that your system specs meet requierements, and that you have tried the above, we can move on to filing a report so devs can be aware:

1- Submit error at \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\New World Alpha\CrashUploaderLog.txt

2- Send a pastebin of your logs to me via PM. It will be the most recent file under :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:/Users//AppData/local/AGS\LogBackups.“
This info will help understand what is going on.

Thank you guys for your responses, it will help us find solutions and offer the best experience we can!

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Just switch on the 58 EU servers that are clearly listed for the past 12+ hours.

US East, AUS, SA all got servers up within an hour of them being listed.

Why are we being ignored ? The EU servers already exist, let us join them.


The problem is not enough server capacity to all players…is YOUR problem, no OUR system specs…

EU more than 300k people waiting, server capacity around 180k (same as 24h ago)…


+1 for wanting to know why the eff’ we still don’t have more EU servers.

We’ve all paid the same amount to play a game less than half of us can even get on. This is not okay at all.

it’s more than half actually, there are like 180k playing and 280k in queue.
this is really a big mistake on resources prediction.

315k in queue at the moment

What kind of joke is this. There is more people in the que then server capacity for Europe.