In the near time will there by a Server Region Transfer feature?

I’m only stationed in the West Coast (California) for sometime time with the military, and I’m from the East Coast. Is there any possible way in the near time we will see Server Region transfers?

nope they lied too us. they told us we could change region. and now they are saying that its not gonna be possible. so they lied 2 us…

Wow, gay af

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Hi @Jarhead117

Thank you for the report. We are taking all feedback as possible and this one is really appreciated. Right now the official communication is [Megathread] Server Transfer Questions Megathread

As a gamer you know there might be changes in the future, Im not saying is going to related to your post, however, the feedback is important. Our Dev team is aware of all your concerns and I can say they are working hard in order to try to do the best for you: Players.

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