In The Year 2024

Gypsum Orbs guarantee an Expertise increase. Once the PTS opens, we’ll know what that guaranteed amount is, but for the moment, let’s assume it is 10GS. I’m also assuming gypsum and Attunement potions will not be tradeable on the market (based upon the phrasing of the devblog).

As mostly a solo player, Topaz Gypsum (which requires an Attunement potion) is my most accessible (realistic?) method for progressing my Expertise. However, since “the Attunement potion can only be crafted once a week”, the worst case scenario is that I can achieve a 600GS set of armor and jewelry plus three weapons in the year 2024 (roughly 110 weeks).

The best case scenario is that I shun my hermit ways on a daily basis and fight alongside this wonderful community and I would achieve that same 600GS standard in early 2022 (roughly 110 days).

If the guaranteed gypsum bump is closer to 5GS, then solo play becomes the year 2026 and group play becomes mid 2022.

Worst and best cases, but you get the idea.
Am I overlooking other solo opportunities?

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The only scenario you missed is the one where you shun your hermit ways, grind out 600GS now before the patch hits and they then reset all expertise to 500GS to start, then you get just one GS per day.

I know, cynical. But if you’d told me any of this nonesense 24 hours ago I would have laughed in your face.

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I paid for an MMO, not russian roulette.


guarantee you its gonna be +1

this is AGS we talking about…

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I think it’s gonna be +1. If you pay attention to the wording they used. “There is 7 ways to grind expertise that can be done daily”. Why 7? 5 armor slots and 2 weapons. So if you login everyday and do the variety of activities available you can prolly increase each expertise slot by 1, or however you choose to disperse your points. Basically I’m thinking it’s gonna come down to 100 days of dailies. Dumb system, won’t be doing it.


ye think so too and nope, wont be doing it either.

rather play mortal online 2 then. atleast those devs know wtf they are doing. and the game is better than this trash anyway.

But what about jewellery?

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You probably are one of the devs lol. The game not even released. Mortal Online 2 will be trash like Mortal Online 1. Took probably 7 years to be playable and then all content was locked in the north part of the map from QUAD Guild. LoL

well its no darkfall but still a billion times better than this mainstream casual candyland carebear fuckfest.

so yea ill take MO2 over this any day of the week without 2nd thought.

not even sure how you lock content in a game in which all relevant content is pvp.

You win the forum today good sir.

not sure

by making endgame material for crafting engame gear available in only one cave of the game where a certain guild put people on surveillance 24/7 with night shifts. And the fortress located next to it so they can spawn there in case of getting killed.
So basically monopolizing the entire world. If you don’t join a very powerful guild in Mortal you cannot play the game. All the noobs come in the game and get slayered constantly by camping people outside town. Nice marketing strategy but cannot compare those kind of niche games to a massive mmo like this.

dno wasnt rly any different in darkfall. you have to join a good clan in these games. solo play isnt rly an option. not a big issue tho as that type of game isnt rly enjoyable solo anyway.

localized ressources are a part of good territory control (something NW lacks badly)

I do what I can.

From what I read, regardless of your activities, you can only craft a single Orb once per day.

Accomplishing all the activities in a single day only means that you can spend the next six days just crafting the Orb.

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