Incinerate needs grit

Incinerate is fire staff version of maelstron but instead of pulling in it repulse other people.

The problem is we can’t cast it, we get staggered pretty much every time we need to use it.

And i’m not certain if the life steal perks works on both hits and in multiple targets. It feels likes it works only on the very first hit sometimes.


I agree. It could be an amazing ability, but the insanely long startup animation and the fact that it can be easily interrupted really makes it too hard to use. That simple change could really help to bring it in line with the other choices.

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It has to be that way because it does a ton of damage. If anything, they need to make some of these other bursty skills (shrapnel, mael, GRAV WELL) have a longer wind up.

Even pots can’t be interrupted, why should a close range skill?

pots can 100% be interrupted??

Incinerate is supossed to be a defensive combo breaker skill.


Since when and says who? This game is cc city and you’re not breaking anyone’s combo while you’re stunned, staggered, or knocked down

Bump. @Luxendra @Shadow_Fox

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Yeah if I get hit while drinking a pot most of the time I get stuck in an animation loop.

The whole point of add grit is to have a response for that cc.
CC is necessary and so is skills to counter it, that is balancing, you shouldn’t be able to survive chained stuns from differents players and one person alone shouldn’t be able to CC a person to death, like BB/SnS, GA/WH.

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I don’t like SNS/bb but I kind of almost think that something like that is necessary to counter rapiers.

Hello Gandalf0, thank you for taking the time to make this post. I think this discussion is one that the Dev team might like to see if enough people give their thoughts. Thank you all for your replies, have a great day!


Gravwell has just a mega windup. You can plan your weekend while it casts.

The trickster (rapier/fire) used to be my favourite build because of the crazy mobility and the burst that riposte with incinerate provided. Sadly the dream combo felt near impossible to land outside of 1v1 duels and if I was not in medium I was ending up dead 9 out of 10 times (provided I was not playing against noobs) whilst trying to pull that off on more than 1 opponent.

Not to mention that it is one of those skills that should actually work as a counter to melee (just like 2 other skills in pyro tree, sort of). However in its current state just casting it can get you killed because the knockback effect it has does very little against lunge + grit for instance. Bummer.

I mean who actually thought that it is a good idea to create a counter which puts you at even more risk if you use it with very little reward.
I mean heavy armor resistances of your opponents that this ability was designed to protect you from makes it at least an uneven trade. FYI this is why 90% of mages in this game do not use this ability anymore.

On top of all that it is a cool ability on its own and I would much rather want it buffed and see the gross, noobish flamethrower nerfed or idk reworked in some way.

Not because its op or anything but it is so dumb and skill-less ability. All it takes is one good GW from your teammate and you melt people with ease because you clicked literally one button and stood close enough xD
and you might say “hey, incinerate works the same”. Of course, but incinerate has an actual COOLDOWN and you need to be closer to hit it and put yourself at even more vulnerable position because of the cast animation. I mean jesus…
makes you wonder about its numbers too.
I mean when I was experimenting with it to check whats all the hype all about I managed to bump my dps by 70-100k in OPR on average (IN MEDIUM ARMOR, now imagine light armor stats) and the firestaff I was using to test it out is nowehere near BIS. Like 590 something because it had the perk for flamethrower on it. That is just nuts people.



Vault kick too, thanks.

If its defensive skills so maybe it does not need grit imo, but should ignore all crowd control resistance, just push everyone does not matter if grit or not. How can I escape from melee? Burnout requires also some buffs, needs total cc immune for 1s after use or do instant cast this delay is deadly …


Tbh this is instant skill it wont change anything xd

No it would be to strong.
But incinerate and burn out do need shorter cast times. I mean each time i fight bruiser and i cast burn out if he is GA, he does throw gravity before burn out starts so gravity sucks you inside, breaks burn out and you die. Its silly.

Same with incinerate - before you cast it, most mele weapons can cast any skill into your face like gravity, leaping strine and other ranged skills - and break your casting.

Now imagine you cant evade shot from GW :stuck_out_tongue: But being in the middle of thevaulkick already flying through air, and get kick back by literally everything, thats best experience u can get. I sugest everyone to go try it against gold ghosts near ori nodes. Top notch fun.

I play melee mage with void always stay in the middle of fight I dont know what are u talking about mostly only stuns stop me. But against stun/roots grit wont help.