Incoming downtime, visit forums for details

How did you get this message? It’s a fake isn’t it? ^^

They do have a discord

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My apologies dear, I saw it too. :slight_smile:

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Entire EU central was about to get merged into Avalon lol.

so the message was an error and there’s no maintenance?

The maintenance message was indeed not intentional. Apologies for that. The only maintenance currently scheduled is the world merge this morning, and emergent downtime for individual servers where a server partially crashed and failed to automatically repair itself/restart, so a manual restart of the world is required. (EDIT: these messages usually only provide 10 minutes lead time before the server comes down)

More news on additional downtime as we get log info from the completed merge will come from our Community Managers.


could we bother you to make the lead time message about 30 - 60 minutes before a shutdown?

while it doesn’t matter now getting stuck in a dungeon with only 10 minute warning is probably the worst thing.


I swear to got you are getting worse and worse… Like a bunch of Amateur developer team…


On Ramaja, we got the message 1hour bevor the shutdown. Its okey.

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This is not the way. You gotta blame the cat or the dog for mistakes like that. For example;

“The maintenance message was indeed not intentional. The cat stepped on the keyboard. Apologies for that.”

On a more serious note, thanks for the information ^.^


:clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

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I’m curious, did this downtime switch your mutation dungeon?

Well, at least I’ll take a break between cutting trees and killing stones :smiley:

Thanks @Kay

Same for news about more merges? We’re kinda struggling on a few of the low pop realms and potentially just a single merge of all the realms on our shard wouldn’t fix the issue based on the numbers we’re seeing reported.

Any word on a cross server system similar to how Runescape allows users to log into whichever server they want and persist their storage and items?

Why I am not surprised :smiley:

is it a bad joke?

Doubt they took it down, just died by itself.

Also, we just had funny invasion where all of mobs and bosses just went mid and got stuck into gate (Twitch, just rewind current live vod, it’s funny)

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Is there news as to when the Barzakh server merge will happen?

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