Incorrect operation of the appeal

A good time. I would like to appeal the ban on the game. After disconnecting the servers before the last update. I logged into the test server. There I opened the gift sets. many. there is a possibility that the system considered this an exploit. I didn’t do anything illegal intentionally. I read the developers blog. it says that people who have performed a feat unintentionally or a feat that will not affect the game of others. will not be punished. so judging by the words of the developers in the blog. it’s not my fault. at least. I didn’t commit any crimes intentionally. I can admit that I used an Overwolf mini-map. for which the developers said that they would not ban. and if they are, they will warn the players about it for a long time. I will provide links. I have sent more than 20 requests to the appeal system. they always send one answer. this is copypast.
If I did do something. the developers talked about this as well. an unintentional manifestation of an exploit that did not affect the character’s situation in any way. it will also not be punishable. I didn’t do anything. I wasn’t rich. or a clothed person. I went to 500+ gs. bought from the market for little money. I have studied all the articles in detail. I watched a lot of videos. I think that this ban is not normal. the term is for life. for what?
help me figure out my problem.

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