Increase EXP for Music Trade skill

Increase EXP or lower the EXP needed to lvl up pls.


Yes please! Currently it is completely exaggerated.
Without the current double EP event you need ~250h pure playtime for skill 150 and that with expert level song that you play on amazing. Tip collection and everything else not included. That’s just way too much time.


Should take about 15-20 hours for max level.
Maybe even less since it’s considered a casual skill.

260 hours of the same repetitive song on expert is just ridiculous no idea how this made it passed.

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They must cut the total required xp at 50%.

I would rather see more bonuses for level 10, 20, 30 etc. than lower the exp needed. There is like 5 bonuses, most of them people won’t actively use so often, so to make music more worth time, we should add more bonus for playing songs.

I completely agree that the amount of time required to reach 150 is punishing. If every player sat around for 10 hours a day for almost a month no one would have time to do anything else.

Please reduce the xp required drastically. I love the concept of the songs but this new music skill makes the original fishing skill leveling look easy, and AGS has already acknowledged that by the creation of this event.


They are reducing the amount of XP required for some of the professions, yet they manage to release a new skill with an absurd XP requirement… What are they doing?

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IDK what kind of event is this, only introduce something new to level up for skills while giving no double xp for everything else !

Definitely agree.

leveling became even worse now since double exp event is over

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