Increase Gold Cap PLEASE

the gold cap is a comical joke at this point in time, if you are a hardcore grinder you can hit cap from doing dungeons in less then 40 days. speed running dynasty for a minimum of 500gold a dungeon, at 25 dungeons a day resulting in 12,5k. 500k/12,5k =40 days of grinding to hit cap. for a casual player this might take a lot more days, probably 3 to 4 x the amount of days.

this money can be made even faster by organized groups running dungeons and ofcourse even more money can be aquired by doing other things.

a player shouldn’t be punished for wanting to make money in a game that revolves around a player build economy. I do agree bis items from the start have sold for way to high. sadly that’s how it goes now. but unless you are a hardcore pvp’er bis isn’t that needed.

the cost of items is not determined by how small/large gold cap is, you can still just trade with asmo/other mats. I’m genuinely concerned for some of the people in this thread

i’ve probably single handedly spent more than most full companies have. When it comes to crafting, spending more=selling more=juggling gold more. Gold cap is a fking nightmare

Gold cap only hurts the player base, 1. It has nothing to limit bots or gold sellers that was the lowest iq thing I’ve ever heard from the guy above. 2. 500k is legit nothing when you’ve played the game since launch. 3. The prices for bis gear is determined by the meta and the % you have for it to actually roll and the demand. If anyone says the cap is a good thing, I want you to show me over 1m of worth at the very least, only players who are irresponsible with gold and never save any of it would think that. Someday you’ll hit coin cap and be forced to lose money buying materials for them to crash in a week. Remove the cap it’s a huge QOL improvement.

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The only people who want the gold cap removed are bots, gold sellers and greedy ignorant $@&%!


or we’ve just been playing the game since release and realize that 500k really isn’t very much gold? I’ve been juggling between my own company treasury and my main company since December 2021, this shit is ridiculous. And you’re delusional if you think this combats gold sellers, they can use treasury because they don’t actually play the game (push influence, new company change CD, etc. doesn’t affect them), plus they have alt accounts to hold gold for them

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if you increase the gold cap the market will exloed… Why ? Every one will sell his iteams on the Market to get money.

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omg you’re a genius i never thought of this :exploding_head:

Only because you have benefitted from a broken system. Between gold duping exploits, win trade for towns, gold farmers/sellers and shell companies.


I can’t tell if you’re trolling tbh

forum npc #245 speaking

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says forum NPC #1

i always come first

Especially at posting ignorant posts.

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ong that gold dupe exploit shell company cheatimg musket aimbot exploit hacking inflation broken shit just gotta stop man i hate it


So what do you think the gold cap should be and can you provide some good reason why the gold cap should be like that?

How many % of the playerbase do you think really need a higher gold cap? Also yes, the amount of gold that can be “hold” do have an effect when it comes to prices and value of items ingame.

Selling/buying one item for more (some times many times more) then the gold cap is a clear sign of a problem and thats not that the gold cap is to low. If that was the case atleast 50% of the playerbase would have this issue. Now i would bet its more like 10%.

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Facts are facts and those are some of the greatest issues plaguing the game.

you’d be amazed how easy it so to make gold if your have half a brain cell when it comes to the market. I’ve made 99% of my gold from flipping, and I’m not a special case, many people in the same boat who want gold cap increased. That makes us gold sellers/dupers/exploiters/etc? You have a victim mentality thinking anyone with more than you cheated to get it

Are you an Russian bot or something? Like honestly.

perfect example of the problem with gold value in this game.

I suggest:

  • keep the same player gold cap.
  • Turn off coin trade
  • make it so company gold can only be used by leader and consul and only direct on AH.
  • Make it so company gold cap is smaller the fewer members in company.

This would bring back the value of gold, get rid of gold sellers and bots and get rid of shell company.

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