Increase Gold Cap PLEASE

And most people could not make that kind of gold flipping. Its literally impossible.

Just because you found a cheap ass way to make gold, does not mean it would work for the rest of the player base. By raising gold cap, all it does is makes the gear more expensive, and creates a wider gap between the average player and BIS gold duping/buying players.

but lets be honest here, that is exacty why you want the gold cap raised, so you can ensure most players can not afford good gear, so you maintain your gear hierarchy so you don’t have to work as hard.

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Well there’s no reason for a cap at all, but a 5m cap just like the treasury wouldn’t be bad, not like any item costs over 5m anyway. But please explain how increasing cap would affect prices XD people are already paying over cap by using Asmo, but all it does is create an inconvenience for the buyer/seller.

The increase wouldn’t affect very many, but enough to justify the change. And it wouldn’t negatively affect anyone so why not?

Let’s never put you in charge of game changes, cheers

explain how increasing gold cap increases the cost of items that are already sold for over gold cap (by using asmo)… aaaannnd go

if you give a logical reason I’ll give you 1m

Herp Derp…because you can’t list those items on the trade center that require ASMOD.

so you’re telling me because it’s limited to 500k people are posting items worth 1m+ for 500k on the trading post? :slight_smile:

if you want to hard cap the cost of items then you’ll need to disable player-to-player trading and force people to only trade through the trading post, which is capped at 500k :slight_smile:

No I am telling you that raising the gold cap will raise the cost of items sold on the trade center. The listing cap and gold cap are the same.

When trade center items are being listed for any amount above 500k, it will increase the prices for gear, creating even a wider gap between BIS players and non BIS players.

Fuck man, you should be able to discern this info for yourself.


Not saying its hard to get gold, but its hard to get enough gold to keep up with BIS items.

If it was that easy as you stated why is the gold cap a issue for just a few?

For sure there is a reason for a cap. You have still not stated what the new cap should be or any reason why it should increase. You mention 5mil. Thats crazy and that cap is mainly benefiting bots and gold sellers.

Tell me, how many of the players do you are capped out on todays gold cap?

True, it mostly affect gold sellers and bots. This is a change few players actually wants. Its scary what some players ask for in this thread.


No need for name calling buddy. Once the gold cap increaces then price rises will swiftly follow. Its simple as that.


items worth more than 500k aren’t posted to the trading post. Increasing the cap won’t “raise the price” of the item, it just allows them to actually post to the trading post :slight_smile:

Incorrect. The trading post is the normal place to buy an sell. Only greedy fucks and gold sellers spend all day in trade.

Most of the player base trades through the trading post. Its the fastest, most convenient way to peruse gear.

I should not have to spell this out, its basic 101 shit dude. How fucking fucking old are you? 10?


Thats the reason AGS should turn off gold trading. All trade should goes true the AH when it selling/buying. Personal trade should be trade and to give stuff. not to sell and buy. It just end up hurting the market like we see now.

The problem is its WAAAAY to much gold on all the servers.


the gold cap has 0% impact on gold sellers bro, they 50+ alts with their own treasuries. Real players cannot benefit from personal treasuries since they have to push influence in their main company + new company change CD is being added… bro i swear i’m just repeating the same thing over and over, can you just read?

explain go

edit: free 1m to you if you give a logical reason

As if regular economy rules apply to NW. Bruh :clown_face: Whatever I’m not even gonna chase this dragon with you people. Enjoy your bubbles

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and your repetitive posts are incorrect, that is why you are being replied to. Your idea on how the market works vs how it works is a pretty wide gap.

ah okay you’re trolling. you had me going ngl XD

I am not trolling anything. You are clueless, literally, clueless.

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jfc man

Grrr these GREEDY FUCKS are literally fucking… trading with each other… AGS STOP THIS MADNESS

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