Increase OPR Gold reward to promote

If anything doubling the amount of Azoth we get could help

After getting 2 gypsum for participating, allowing us to get up to 4 more gypsum if we win could help as well? If anything we want to incentivise playing but also playing for the win

You’re not wrong but increasing the rewards would also help. Currently even if you are a PvP player that wants to primarily PvP, you do have to often choose whether you want to really PvP or if you want to farm and maybe you come across some world PvP.

I don’t think OPR should be as good for gold as the average open world farm, but if you narrowed the gap more players who actually would rather be PvPing than farming will do that instead. Figure out the average overworld farm and then raise the OPR rewards to like 60% of that if you’re chain queueing. It’s like they say: perfect is the enemy of good.


Assuming players don’t feel like getting one or two shot be these said try-hards

Why you think the reward should be worse doing PvP versus other activities?
I play most effective way to progress myself. If that way is zzzZZZ I login into another game and do just zero activity. Like it is now and that is why OPR dry out.

Because one of the few completely full lose-lose scenarios for both PvP and PvE players is having PvE players participating in PvP because they feel forced to. PvE players don’t want it for the same reason PvP players would ideally like to mostly PvP, but PvP players also don’t like it because those PvE players fuck up our PvP. As much as most MMOs go way too far in the other direction and PvE players are huge crybabies who will suffer for a literally irrelevant increase given their chosen game mode is non-competitive by nature, it is still simple reality that in practice making sure that the best PvE gear comes from PvE benefits both PvE and PvP players.

The answer to having the opposite also be true is to have PvP-exclusive perks (which can work in a number of ways), so PvP players can get the best gear for PvP and ok PvE gear through PvP, and PvE players can get the best gear for PvE and ok PvP gear through PvE. Gold is agnostic though, so the balance should be tilted towards PvE for the sake of everyone. If you wouldn’t take making like 1.8-2k an hour doing OPR over making 3k farming ori routes then I mean I don’t know what to tell you; that’s incredibly silly and makes you the PvP version of WoW raiders that cry about being forced to do arena because that’s where their “BiS” is even though it’s like 2% better than the PvE alternative. But again, better you feel that way than a PvE player feeling that way because you aren’t fucking up someone’s PvE shit by participating in it while your PvE equivalent will absolutely degrade the quality of PvP activities.

it DEFINTELY should be higher rewards. Right now the incentives are very low, especially when you get stuck with a complete garbage team.

lol, but ‘PvP players participating in PvE because they feel forced to’ like it is now is okay? It is not. Some PvP players may accept, some play less, some quit the game, some never come back.

That just means the cheaters and exploiters and botters farming OPR get even more loot.

Ban cheaters and exploiters first. That will bring the population back.

As with EVERY SINGLE PVP IDEA, simply increasing rewards and incentives only benefits cheaters and exploiters but doesn’t make the game mode any more attractive or fun.
And right now it’s the cheaters and exploiters who are the root cause of the mode not being fun. So deal with the real problem instead of trying to bribe people to go in and get raped by cheaters and exploiters.

So you like, just didn’t read my post? I don’t think PvP players should have to feel compelled to PvE but the reality is that it is the lesser of two evils. I also think both PvE and PvP players who feel like they have to do the other for 1-2% increases are creating their own misery. Gold is an agnostic resource and farming is an agnostic activity. Gathering is neither PvP nor PvE and gathering while flagged is a PvP activity.

The issue in New World right now is that BiS gear is wildly more powerful than the gear one step below it and also costs and absolutely cataclysmic investment of time if you aren’t a big territory owner, and also that OPR offers an absurd pittance. That first part is the biggest issue the game faces by a country mile but it needs to be handled as its own thing. The second part also needs to be dealt with but making OPR the most efficient means of gold grinding means PvP players lose more than they gain. I’d rather get no gold and fight with and against people who are real PvPers rather than get 3k gold per match and be fighting with and against bots who don’t give a shit. Luckily there is plenty of room to balloon the OPR purse without causing too many PvE players to be lured in.

Be prepared to do mutators so you can upgrade your pvp gear. Theres no other efficient way to gather player power.


the end is coming if things dont change boys!

Oh my lord shut the fuck up. Keeping deserved rewards for genuine PvP players out of their hands to deny the same to cheaters is one of the dumbest fucking things I’ve ever seen a human being put into words.

Increasing the rewards would, without question, help the PvP playerbase. They are currently so low that there is a definitive choice between farming for gold and playing the primary PvP game mode, which means plenty of PvP players are on, and would like to be in OPR, but are instead elsewhere because they need to keep up with the sickening gear grind in this game. Bringing OPR gold closer to what a reasonable farm looks like would be an absolute boon to PvP.

Guys simple fact, if im a competitive pvp player I’ll use food, powerful honing stone in order to perform. Play a 40 min match, only to get pitance. That 360 gold is not enough anymore especially after the artificial inflation that occured due to gold dupes. You have people with full gold in multiple accounts acting as mules for RMT business. Increasing this reward will definitely harm the RMT people.
With regards to loot the next updates gonna enable you to upgrade named items to legendary making dungeons a good source for competitive items. They’ve also decreased the cost of keys and enabled us to purchase the keys from faction vendor. That’s a positive move.
Just increase the gold rewards thats it.

Show me one single time in the thread where I am not advocating for the OPR rewards being increased. And when you can’t, I expect an actual apology for wasting my time with this pointlessly argumentative, intentionally obtuse bullshit you’re spewing right now.

And if you’re using the top tier honing stones that’s on you. Paying hundreds and hundreds of gold per use instead of 10 gold per use to go from 5 to 7% increased damage for a bloody OPR is just you being irresponsible with your gold. Might as well complain that it’s hard to sustain your habit of buying an asmodeum bar between each match and dropping it on the ground. The rewards should be increased but the reason why is not because you personally piss your gold away every match.

I replied tgrough email… sorry if you think I was aggressive. Powerful honing for the competitive players i meam not average players.

problem is, there will be loads of bots in OPR if the rewards are good enough, maybe bop items tho would be cool

60 level bots with chance to get filmed and banned is kinda ballzy.

Anyway back in the day when OPR started, we even made competitive teams to win OPR matches in 10-15 minutes. We did this in October, because 1500-2000 gold per hour was top money.

Now players are better and everyone has kinda good hear. Its pretty hard to do this win rate, so with queues and everything else its like one match per hour with 1 gypsium and 360 gold :smiley:

People prefer farming mobs with attunmenet potion than doing Opr…

how about increase azoth rewards and increase cap to 10k and make it an exclusive non tradeable currency which player can use to purchase a 2nd tier PVP or PVE gear *not like the dogsxit tier of faction eq atm.
in that sense both are attainable, either by farming open world content or pvp, and let the chase of BIS to the absolute mad player who want that slight edge in pvp/pve, ags also can introduce pvp ranked, dungean clear rank as an appreciation for those who chase it and reward it with exclusive skin.


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