Increase POI Mob levels to drop 590+ Gear

Good afternoon,

I have spent a substantial amount of time for a chance to drop the “Ever Giving” Ice Gauntlet from Dau-Shen, before being made aware that 590 GS does not drop at mobs below lvl 63. It didn’t feel good that this weapon is impossible to obtain because of the level requirements for GS, which was not made clear in the posts.

I would like to ask if it’s possible to increase the mob levels around shattered mountain POI so players would have the chance to get these gears that they wanted.

Thank you,

I have the same Problem with the harbigner gear.
At the Moment i try to collect and find All Sets who named and cant dropp on 590+, because level 60 Mops or btw level 50 in sivikn.

If i have my list complett i Do a big Bug report topic, dont miss it and push it if i finsihed it.
Let us help Amazon with this Sets

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