Increase the repair parts cap to 10k

Increase the repair parts cap to 10k.

I hit the current cap of 2k several times a day. Its annoying and it serves no purpose. There is no reason the cap should be this low. Let me do the master repair kit crafting just once a day instead of randomly hitting while doing other things. Changing this is also like 5 minutes of an intern’s time. There is literally 0 reason not to do this.


Nah you just want to sell your repair kits.
Nice try.

I am not selling but even then, so what? I make the same amount of kits. Its just annoying to have to go make them several times a day.

Want to monetize that skill in an easy way huh, I get it.
Again, nice try.

Yeah because people are gonna make millions on repair kits because they save a few minutes daily on crafting them. You are stupid.

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Thanks. End thread.

No idea why they do this either, it’s a very weird thing. I usually max out when me and my group are running several dungeons at night, and increasing it to 5k would be more meaningful and a nice QoL.

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