Increased Server Population Cap = Limited Resources

I have noticed over the last couple weeks that it has become increasingly difficult to acquire the higher tier resources. I have logged in at a variety of times throughout the day to observe if it’s only during typical “prime time” hours that these resources lack. However, it’s not. Throughout the daytime and nighttime hours, resources are gathered, either by bots or actual players and very few are left to find. I see trains of people running around for lodestone in Great Cleave. The game needs more abundant resources. It could also be considered to reduce the times of respawn, but I think we’d see people/bots just camping those areas, so I suggest additional resource locations to help offset the increase in server caps. Please and thank you!


Yeah for me the crafting aspect is the main draw of this game, but it’s kinda hard to get into that when you can’t gather anything.

I’ve even tried at 4am and like you said most areas are pretty well camped by multiple people/bots already.

I made a post about the problems that the population increase comes with some drawbacks.

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