Increasing base workshop tier in higher level areas to make them more popular

I would love to visit and buy a house in one of the more remote towns in Reekwater or Mourningdale but if I did, I would not be able to craft most items that I need. Reekwater is a great place to farm wyrdwood but I cant refine it to wyrdwood plank because the woodshop is only tier 3 like most other crafting stations. It forces me to go to Everfall or Windsward and craft everything there.
If you increased the base tier of all crafting stations to scale with the level of the territory, the company holding it would have an easier time attracting more players to their areas and in turn increasing tax revenue in turn allowing them to upgrade workshop tier even more.

I propose increasing the base of all crafting stations to level 2 in areas that are in the level range 20 - 40. Increase the base tier to level 3 in areas that are in the level range 40-60.

Happy travels in Aeternum


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