Increasing GS should not be the focus right now

The GS system was flawed from the start and you are focusing too much on it. In my opinion it’s too soon to increase the GS.

You should focus on bringing back players that quit in the past months as well as new players and this is not the way to do it. Do you think a new/returning player will want to grind for 1 month after reaching lvl 60 just to get to the expertise level required to close the gap with the rest? That’s insane

If you have a dedicated team for content, they should focus on making the game more enjoyable, you can add game events like FFXIV or other games. You have the brains, don’t waste it on GS numbers alone.

Rework “unique” dungeon items to make them more unique by adding perks not found in random drops or crafted items. Hell, you could have added a system similar to the wow runic system that allows you to upgrade an ability and make the game more interesting and the builds more diverse.

You could have made this into something better instead of simply increasing the GS and add more grinding that’s getting dull by the minute

If you are going through with this change, make it at least so you can get a legendary drop guaranteed every dungeon run, random or “unique” because after running 20+ laz and gen i got 6 total that became spare parts

Edit: Umbral shards working only on 600 GS items is a bad design. It’s like I’m playing a mobile game with flashy colored items that can be upgraded infinitely to increase my battle rating just to have the sense of progress. Was expecting more …


holy crap, you got 6 leggos in 20+ runs? I have 40+ runs under my belt by now, and have only gotten ONE legendary. And ofc, it was so bad it could only be dismantled into 3 gold and scrap.

That envy aside, I 100% aggree with your post here.

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I try in every way to understand, to ignore a growing frustration, but the devs seem to do it on purpose, still there is not even a way to really gear up through PvP and they do this. Frustrating.

As a solitary PvP player making Gear, GS and money is not nice at all, those 4 bucks I had spent in the least mediocre low cost gear that I could afford and now I also have to think of an even higher GS.

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