Increasing server pop will render the game unplayable

You guys do know that if they increase the pop to 3500-4000 the game becomes unplayable right?
Trees, resources, animals, enemy spawn points will be camped and depleted constantly. Its gonna turn the whole map into the “cleanse the mines of corruption worms mission” (people just sitting around, waiting for the objective to spawn again and again).

This game needs a progression reset and more servers, ASAP. And if they increase the pop cap they need to make a bigger map.

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you know it was meant to be 10k pop servers

And I meant to be a billionaire.

doing nothing will render the game unplayable for 50% of all the players.

well Blizz did solve this by a system of Layers that did actually work.
we are in 2021
Can we forgot our past experiences with MMO and dont have to revive it like if we where on 2004? TY amazon

Thats garbage what u are talking, i´d say the map is big enough for like 3k - 3.5k players.


Pressing X while doubting uncontrollably

Im agree with you . Ppl who think that 6k server is good- idiots. You have just 2-3 hight level location. Are you sure that it will be playable?Just join on fresh server and wait serversfix work.
Thats all.

you realize that even with 3k they would still need 250 servers for the whole world (estimates)

150-170 for eu alone.

that is still an insane number of servers and does nothing to stop the 2-6k ques on servers.

total players ~700k-1mil - 2-3k servers arent gonna cut it.

New servers alone isnt the only problem - idk if it would help atm

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