Inequity in game because of "voidbent armors"

Hello, I’m playing mage and grinding to have 600 gear score light armor set. To make this more possible, I need 3 houses with 3 major armoring trophy, trade skill food, armorer set, jewellery, epic materials and town project bonus all together. In this scenario i will have 595-600 possible gear score range for crafted armor. It means there is a 1/6 chance to get 600 gear score item. On the other hand, a random player crafts a 600 gear score ready armor with “resilient” and “luck” perk. I don’t see any inequity in this.
You should not have added 600 gear score ready items in game imo.

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First of all you clearly haven’t crafted Voidbent armor, otherwise you would know how much work goes into it. And yes it is way more than buying 3 houses and hanging up trophies. Just try to get even a single void ore to start with

Second they nerfed voidbent hard with the last patch to point where I do believe it is either bugged or worthless.

I got a full set lying around and went back to play in my 525 faction gear stuff

I can’t understand how it is harder to craft voidbent armor set than non named armors with 600 gear score. Void ore is sold about 2k in my server and armorer’s journay is 7k-10k. Even if crafting voidbent armor is easier, do you know how many materials im gonna spend for perks on non named armor that voidbent armors have?

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