Infinite Progression for an alternative end game

Folks have been trying to talk about improvements to the way we try to use “sets” in this game for awhile, and perhaps if folks posted links to previous threads, we could see some things that my ideas for infinite progression drew inspiration from.

Armor sets

Other ideas

Storage options

Remote access

Battlepasses solve this want for continued progression. They are planned. :+1:

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What are those?

Where you get a bunch of new levels, except each level you get a reward, usually cosmetic. So instead of 10 or 20 dollars in the store for a skin, you might get 10 or 20 dollars for a new set of levels, where 5 of them are the 5 pieces of a skin in the store, 5 of them are a weapon skins set, 5 more are maybe some crafting mats & marks of fortune for other items in the store, unique emotes etc.

The way Call of Duty does it, everyone gets 100 levels, anything game-changing is a “free” level & anyone who reaches that level gets the item for free (usually guns, sometimes cod points) whereas people who buy the battlepass might unlock the gun earlier because it is a modified version with different attachments already on it or, for example, where people playing on the free tier of the pass get like 3 or 4 hundred cod points in 100 point incremements, paid players tend to get a full 1300 points (the equivalent of the cost of the pass, so their next pass is paid for upon completing the current one, or, to be used on cosmetics, where then you buy the next pass).

Many of the levels are filled with calling cards/emblems (think like player titles, sort of, that show in the killcam or when people view you in the intermissions between matches), skins for guns, the aforementioned cod points & new weapons added to the game, as well as blueprints, which are the aforementioned weapons with attachments & a unique skin already applied. You can edit those once you have them, but they are often the coolest guns in the game. You would edit them say if it’s an assault rifle with a scope on it that you prefer iron sights or red dot on, you would take it off or change it, or change it from drum mags to normal magazines to move faster & so on.

Aside from the leveling contnet, they add new challenges like x amount of headshots, kill x amount of foes while using X weapon or Y operator/character, call in x amount of UAV spy plane or other killstreaks - things like that which help you gain more xp, to get through the battlepass. Paid players tend to get 10% Battlepass XP boost while free players do not, though free tiers are often loaded with some xp tokens too - 30 minutes or an hour of different forms of xp, be it weapon, battlepass, or player xp.

I do not know how AGS is going to do it, just that it has been in their plans for some time now in public posts about it in the past. I doubt that they can do 100 level battlepasses.

Currently, I have only bought some emotes & a round of dyes. I would buy passes with the content I have passed on so far, though. I prefer the added leveling experience over just buying a skin & the experience being over.

Not a substitute for DLC or anything. For example, CoD replaced paid DLC map packs/season passes with battle passes a few years back. Maybe, aside from larger expansions, dlc’s will come for free in NW around the same time as battlepasses do? All speculation, except they are indeed working on battle passes.

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I see. Well, I’m glad to have read that information.

That being said, that has no interest for me, what with being limited to paid content, and cosmetic only.

My ideas are to give players of NW the ability to make their characters more powerful over time, and far more unique and individualized, rather than the current system of everyone’s character is a malleable lump of cookie dough, everyone the same, with no individuality at all, that can be completely remade for some gold or Azoth costs.

In respect to the ideas I posted, did you have any feedback? I’m mainly looking for things like:

“I would love this system, and here is what I would do with it…”


“I would keep some of these ideas, and add in some other things that you have overlooked, such as…”

Or that kind of thing, as I’m trying to get a feel for what folks like about the ideas posted here.

Competitive ranked PVP arenas, if done right, will keep people wanting to play for years and years and years.

I’m a total non-pvp guy myself, but that being said, can I get your thoughts on my ideas for being able to have one or more Remnants, either in general or from a pvp point of view @WeGbored

Not ever having played pvp content, I have no idea whether or not the Remnant concept would ruing pvp, have no real effect, or make it great.

they need more focus on horizontal progression and less on vertical


What do you mean, @Cfrk ?
More filling out the trade skills, or something else. Are you saying that you wouldn’t make a Remnant of your own character? Have I done enough to make folks understand what I’m talking about?

Another thread that has a separate focus, but is part of the idea of infinite progression can be found Here.

It deals with my thoughts on buying levels, why that is bad, and a simple way to preventing that, and all the evils that we have seen imposed in the current New World.

There are many games with some form of “+1” playthrough schemes that allow repeating content without losing all gear and progress, and they can be quite popular (I’m fond of them myself). However, for such schemes to be relevant, it is necessary that the content in question itself be popular enough to be worth repeating.

In the case of New World, that doesn’t appear to be true for the vast majority (about 4/5) of players who have not yet reached Level 60 the first time.

I know that’s a separate subject, and I don’t mean to try to derail this topic, but I do think it is important that any suggestion for infinite progression consider its potential dependence on content that players may not want to do at all, let alone repeat.

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This is one thing that eso does very very very well.

Still plugging away at getting folks to embrace my concept for infinite progression in a version of NW.

This thread was of interest to me, and I’ll create some threads this week and link them to this one.

I think they thought they did that with territory standing… It’s just that at a certain point, nobody cares.

Huh? Sorry, I’m doing many things right now, and am lost trying to put your post in proper context? Help. :slight_smile:

Oh. An “infinite” progression system. Each zone has a territory standing cap of 300. So to max out every zone would take FOREVER. I think they thought it was a clever way to keep “experience” going from quests and kills and crafting at 60. It’s just not realistic for people to care to do it.

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I see now, and thanks for the clarification. I to would not want to waste my time with having to endlessly grind out TS in every region, lol.

In this thread, I’m trying to get folks to realize what I mean when I say “Remnant”, and would ask you a favor, and tell me what that is from reading this thread? I am not really good at describing things clearly, so what is in my mind’s eye, may just possibly not have made it into this tread, due to my poor descriptive capabilities.

For instance, I see many folks wanting to have more sets of items, and have them easily able to be changed out without too much fuss. Things like a “Luck gear set”, or a “Harvester gear set”, and while my Original Post in this thread was to supposedly make people see the possibilities I envisioned, I’m thinking I just may not have succeeded in getting the idea across.

Please, if you could, read the OP, and then tell me what my poor posting skills were able to convey of my idea to have the ability to progress in this game in some meaningful way?

If not, that is ok, I’ll just keep plugging away on this concept.


New linked thread over here!

That thread is for equipment of Remnants.

Another thread where I mention my ideas can be found HERE.

Trying to keep these threads going, and hoping that folks will take the time to respond, and help me get the ideas to the entire community.

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