Infinite Speed BUG. Fix ASAP! [Includes Video]

  • Run Faster on Roads! While running on roads you will now receive a movement bonus:
    • Movement speed bonus of 10% while travelling on roads.
    • The move speed bonus will not trigger unless the player has been running for 3 seconds and they are on a road.
    • The movement bonus will be cancelled if a player engages in combat in any way such as dodging, blocking, attacking, or being hit with a debuff.

Bruh, read the topic and watch my video again.

Go to any road and compare your speed with my speed, basic.

Any perk while on the healing buff? How can I compare with only 20 secs video, I can’t say if it’s forever, depending on skills, road and whatever, sorry.

A ton of people are abusing this in OPR right now. Needs to be fixed asap.

Good luck finding that perk.

does it look like 10% to u ?

I apologize, didn’t give the proper attention to the video at first istance. I just tried to analize the what to seem bug, it could be explained somehow, dunno.
I was missing the “to you” part, it gives the proper sense to previous question, thank you :smiley:


Still no reply from moderators, up.

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There is something else going on other than the described methods to reproduce. I have been using orb of protection for ages, and this does not happen with me.

no response from devs?
i got bunch of ppl in OPR using VG and Spear and running like a madman

UP, devs have holidays again?

its fixed last patch

It’s not fixed. I just saw this bug in outpost rush today (9-1-2022).

Still not fixed. Every OPR I joined today, I saw at least one person with hyper speed. Thats the kind of thing that really make people want to stop playing the game. Even more than the dupes


And it’s over one month later now. Is this even on the dev list of bugs to fix? Not even an acknowledgement and announcement that it is a bannable exploit?

I guess it’s just going to get ignored like every other combat exploit since launch. The couple of times AGS did “fix the issue” they did so quietly, did not ban anyone, and only after cheaters had weeks to abuse the cheat and screw legit players.


Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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You need to give them more than the weak explanation you gave. Please post all of your gear and perk tree. Did you just finish a OPR round or not? What buffs do you have after using Orb of Protection…

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