Infinitely Respawning Orichalcum

  • What is your character name in New World: Jackisch
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Valhalla
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: People are exploiting infinite respawn orichalcum to get as much void ore as they want
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Exploit
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay:
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue:
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced:

Multiple companies are exploiting this. Please fix ASAP, or else some BiS equipment will be worthless in market value terms.


It amazes me that some of the most-rare end-game materials for making 600 GS armor involves a bug that allows constant gathering of some nodes that supply this material and Amazon has been aware of this for more than a week including video that clearly demonstrates how this can easily be exploited and they have not even acknowledged the issue.

During Amazon’s silence on this, unethical groups are exploiting this constant orichalcum respawn node around the clock to gain an unfair advantage over others that refuse to exploit the same constant respawn. Once again, the exploiters are rewarded for exploiting in New World, gaining an unfair advantage over legitimate players and Amazon sits back doing nothing. This is almost at joke status at this point.

Plenty of video has already been sent to you Amazon Games but feel free to contact me for more if you are not comprehending the actual situation. Better yet, pull up the history on some of the Bary Seals company members on the Locuta server as they have been doing this consistently and have a significant portion of their company in full voidbent gear as other companies that legitimately collect, struggle to have a set or two. No coincidence, this is the same company and some of the same individual players that used the invincibility hatchet exploit to win in wars (plenty of video sent, no action/bans) and same group notorious for exploiting in Ark.

It is easy to look into this Amazon Games, you have the video showing the constant respawn and have had plenty of time to comment on it or fix it. Better yet, just pull up the history and data of some of the members in the company I mentioned and take action on all their exploiting.
If this infinite spawn in one location that can be repeatedly gathered in less than a minute without even fighting anything is not an exploit, then have the basic professionalism to address it so legitimate players that have avoided this as an exploit during your silence can try to catch up with those exploiting for a week or two now.

Amazon Games, please DO something to these repeat offenders unless you enjoy hemorrhaging legitimate players as we are really getting tired of your lack of attention to exploiters and cheaters which are allowed to repeatedly profit from every exploit they search out and take advantage of. Well, unless exploiting is fine- Is exploiting perfectly fine with you Amazon Games? I honestly do not know anymore


This needs to be addressed.

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Hey man, I’m the lead shot caller from Barry Seals. Only two people in our entire company have voidbent armor, and if you are going to make bold claims it would help if you provided evidence to back them up. You guys should focus on improving your shot calling, strats, and playing better as a team instead of finding excuses(lies) for every lost fight. Your claims about hatchet exploiting are pretty crazy considering only 2 people out of 50 even used a hatchet for the war you’re referring to. Your alliance has 5-10x our numbers and you controlled the entire map when we joined the server. Don’t worry so much about gear and instead focus on improving, it will help you guys out a lot in the long run, good luck! Barry Seals New World Week 1 PVP Highlights | Locuta Marauders - YouTube Feel free to check us out on Youtube, we will be posting videos of taking all your territories.

It’s extremely frustrating to see our accomplishments get diminished down to “we lost because they’re cheating”, when not a single one of your guilds claims are true, and no we don’t cheat. We have reached out to your leaders and sent them videos of our perspectives from all these wars (I expect they haven’t told you that), and have an open line of communication with them where they can ask us for anything they need. Just because a guild is better than you, doesn’t mean they’re cheating. It would nice to see a real post where you collect all the evidence for your claims, put clips together and explain your perspective. We will reply to that post with our own footage & we will be able to directly refute any claims you have (because they’re not true).

For the ark claims, ???, show us one video of us cheating in ark, we played the game for 5 years, you should have some right? We quit ark so we could play a game with real competitive integrity. Where when we won, we won because we were better, and we are better.


Hey guys inats here from barry seals im one of the first person from barry seals to get the voidbent armor set
here is how i got it

in the secound week of new world i pushed all my refining to 200 and armoring
then i buyed 3 void ore each of them for 3k and i got another 2 from restless shore orichalcum spot at the pirate shipyard

later on many of us buyed also void ore and farmed in west and east illumrin we also got a bunch from our chest runs in the mines there is quite alot outcome and evryday i craftet my daily 10 crafts on refining so basicly i rushed the content on week 3 i got full voidbent armor set
at that point i postet my voidbent many times in global and made offers buying 100 void ore for 10k each to make some salty propaganda on the server
also as an eu player on a na server i simply can farm freely orichalcum and give the void ore to my guild to pump them up basicly we worked together as a guild to get our members the best gear we can

you guys on the other side are acting like sheeps if the shepard says they cheat “must be true then” you guys are fueming and are sore losers we never exploitet anything and never will

we won teritorys bec we have a good shotcaller and play coordinated simlpy we are just better

you’re so cool. i wish i could be like you

Hey Guys, guess what- I am a Nobel Peace prize winning astronaut physicist and you know how I accomplished this, honest hard work.

This ^ is about as legit as the Bary Seals claims on having only two people in full voidbent armor and not exploiting the constant respawning orichalcum node to get it, not paying other people in game to exploit it for them, and not using exploits in game such as the invincibility hatchet exploit. Numerous videos have been forwarded to you Amazon Games on these exploiters and more will be sent from last night’s war.

Prior to the ‘organized exploiting’, Bary Seals was weak in wars (even wiped and pushed back repeatedly last night until they organized more focused point lag fests) so while I get that some groups feel the need to cheat to win, this has to be handled quickly by you Amazon Games as it is now becoming the norm rather than exception in your game.

While I understand that groups like this exploit game to game to ‘win’ (their definition not mine), this occurs because of lack of action by the developer. Once swift action on banning begins, these toxic groups will move on to other games and hopefully take their extremely edited video filled with offense language with them. Anyone can google some of BS’s (perfect acronym) past exploits by doing simple searches with words like ‘Bary Seals ARK exploit’ ect Amazon Games needs to step up and start banning these repeat exploiters as they are literally ruining the game.

Amazon, you have plenty of video with more incoming and have the ability to pull logs right? DO IT.

an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc . by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game’s designers but this seems like a completly intended mechanic by the devs for many reasons, its just like resetting a fight because you know you will lose it, for people doing it for the first time if they mine the ore they will have a lot harder time to deal with the boss there… that’s just one of many reasons this could be an intented game mechanic that just had an unintended effect on the game, if they start banning everyone for their failure the game is just gonna die more…

Nice! Incredible Guide! Thanks! Need to farm that right now

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Orichalcum nodes respawn anywhere from 17-30 minutes in this game. The orichalcum node being discussed sits beneath a boss that involves killing him for a quest completion. The intended mechanic of this is to kill the boss, not run in and grab the node, reset the boss and farm this large orichalcum node every minute while avoiding all mechanic of that quest. If you think this is not manipulating the intended mechanics for an unfair gain, not even sure how to address it as I doubt anything would get through.

that’s like saying people who found ways to avoid mobs while going over walls rooftops are exploiting because they are avoiding confrontation on the way to their goal which is is most case bosses in elite zones, in this case the players goal is the node so I dont think this is manipulating the game but dont get me wrong I do believe this is an issue and it need to be taken care of but there are still tons of bot, they should focus on that and the respawn time/fixing issues, not banning players for taking advantage of a completly intended game mechanic. ( people do that in every single game they try to find the best and most efficient ways to do things)

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Right there is proof that this is an exploit no? If this is an intended mechanic that is working as intended, there would be ‘no issue’ and it would not need to be ‘taken care of’. Right there is confirmation that people are abusing/exploiting a mechanic of the game for an unfair advantage over others.

Anyone who already has anywhere near a full set of voidbent without the help of an entire company has exploited their way to it, simple.

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It feels as if AGS abandoned this game already

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We are not just talking one or two sets with Bary Seals, we are taking MANY sets. Amazon Games, please pull the logs and review this.

i might have as much /played as you in the forums 4c9122b87ac360d22ff0a47330aa1cc2

my friend been doing this and he have about 22k orich ores in his storage lol

it is intended mechanic, and they said swapping that damaged 1 durability is also intended mechanic, i dont think they will fix it because if they fixed it but what about other ppl that have over 50k orich ores? what about us? lol

there is no point for you to respond to that person they have adhd and what ever other problems they spam forum without any evidence and accuse other gamers of cheating its just embarrasing how much attention they need

I’m order to prevent someone from abusing this all you have to do is be in the area and stare at the ore. You can literally afk your character there and they can’t abuse it. For those of you that show up to exploit this and the other person won’t share. Just plop your character on one of the rocks and stare at the ore until they cave. You can even ask them to pay you to leave. Afraid of report spam to get banned? Just hide your character in the area and stare towards the direction and watch them go mad because their exploit isn’t working.