Infinitely Respawning Orichalcum

i mean we mainly farm in west and east illumrin since there enough nodes to farm it makes 0 sense these ppl accusing us for cheating in war and now try to justify why we outgear them it is just not normal how ppl can get to a point that they dont want or cant say they lost teritory bec of bad coordination and calls bec this is what matters to 80% its just sad

you see why so many ppl spamming selling void ores lately? wink wink

What a load of rubbish. I’m a solo player who primarily gathers & crafts. I’ve obtained around 9 void ores from mining so far, all of which i’ve crafted into voidbent gear & have sold.

I call bs here on this being done legit. There are hundreds that I personally know that are actively farming orichalcum legitimately that are wearing full epic mining gear, have the perfect orichalcum pick with luck, mining jewelry, three houses each with a mining trophy as well as using 2k mining food that are are not getting even one piece in over 20k mined.

There is no doubt this ore is a rare chance even in perfect conditions so would love to know Vyci, are you farming the constant orichalcum respawn like all those that seem to be the ones getting the ore? Nine pieces for one solo player based on what we are seeing overall across the servers just raises a ton of red flags.

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theres a person that have over 86+ void ores on my server

It sounds like you’re drawing conclusions from someone having a bit of bad luck, or exaggerating. It’s not unusual for me to mine 10-15,000 ore without seeing a void ore, so 20,000 without seeing one is not unimaginable.

My route allows me to mine ~40 Orichalcum nodes per hour, with roughly a 25 min respawn timer per node. I’d say on average, I receive a void ore every 4 hours, which would put the drop rate at ~1 in 160 nodes. If the drop rate is actually around that figure, I’ve no idea - but I’ve never used any exploits doing it. I’ve just mined ALOT.

This exploit is very problematic for people completing the quest “Maw of Corruption” where you have to collect a dropped item from “Mozrul the Herald”. Once the ori is mined, the boss just simply despawns and vanishes out of thin air. And if your party attempts to clear it without mining the ori, another player just comes over and mines it while your party is fighting the boss. Please fix this. Many players across many servers are unable to complete the quest because of shit cunt exploiters.
Also, there is a tentacle that takes the place of the ori ore after it is mined. Should you attempt to ignore the tentacle and focus “Mozrul”, he will reset every 20 seconds and can never kill him.

Ofc, the only way to complete this quest is find a down time when there’s not a lot of people, however evidently, that’s never going to happen so amazon please fix this.

I’ve just seen a video on it, apparently the node doesn’t respawn if a player remains in the vicinity? Can’t you just wait around until the boss respawns?

One of my guildies has collected 11 so far, but has been farming ori for like 2 weeks. Most of which was done during chest runs (like the area in GC where many of the rest of us also had weapon quests). He has full luck and trophies and food and only 11 in two weeks.

Idk how anyone could have several dozen and farmed legitimately.

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This is 100% wrong, I solo and have 4/5 voidbent gear. Have the void ore I need just have to farm up the remaining motes for the ingot… I run 4.5% avg gear, 9% amulet, T5 food and 2 minor luck trophies. I avg 1 voidore per 6k orichalcum ore, my route in mourningdale has allowed me to pickup 1 over other day. Also I have had the luck of smelting two voidbent ingots in the smelter on the 20% chance roll. Please take your conspiracy theory everyone is a cheater because I don’t have what they have self out of here.

You are lucky to play on a server where you can actually do a route (or play at a time that allows this). All soloable routes during any time even bordering normal play times have at least 3 ppl on them. I was able to get a couple in the easier areas, but it is not possible to do any ‘route’.

There are also a couple of ones in SM you can get if you drop down into the valley and can solo a couple of tentacles and the fire gheists. But its not a place you can just sit around waiting for the respawn.

I was able to get 7 tolvium from my 4th node, but unless I start playing in the middle of the night, it would probably take a month of just doing this to acquire enough void to make a full set. Even if I had the money, there wasn’t even enough avail for sale for a full set either.

my friend have 36 void ores on his server and its still working. Also instantly spawn right after mined, he said he have about 15K orich ores so far

I think this could be a good thing until it is fixed? Have you tested it?

It appears that this exploit ‘might’ have been fixed? Has anyone tested it today? If so, please update this thread.

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